Mother’s Album ~ Volume I

Mother’s Album Volume I

I was inspired to make this particular album shortly after a very devastating event in my life. I love scrapbooking and often times it is very therapeutic for me to have a creative outlet. At this point in my life I was left on my own to raise my children. Becoming a single mother for the second time was very difficult due to the circumstances which left me very hurt & angry. I was facing a very uncertain future and I had just discovered that the past ten years of my marriage was not what they seemed. So looking at pictures of the past and present was very difficult.

The one thing that was not difficult was looking at pictures of my children. How fast they were growing and how soon they would be leaving home. So I wondered how could I continue to scrapbook during this time of heartache without hurting so much when looking at family pictures? I went to the Lord in prayer and asked Him to lead me through putting something together that would honor Him and my children.

I even prayed about not wanting to include their fathers. Would that be disrespectful or selfish? God is so gracious in times of pain. He sometimes uses the simplest things to heal our hearts. In this case He used my creative outlet and my children. By the time I finished the album, I had come to realize that even while our lives may crumble around our feet there is still beauty to behold. (Beauty from ashes…) That while it may seem as if the past years were wasted I found out that God had given me purpose beyond being a wife. He made me a mother to four beautiful children! Through focusing on my children in the coming years, I had found the ability to forgive.

The first thing that God used to give me direction was Creative Memories. They had come out with a series of paper paks called Shades of _ _ _ _ (fill in the color) They were paks that had color coordinating papers with shapes, patterns and variations of the color. I loved them because I L-O-V-E color. I could not decide which color I wanted to try first. Then it dawned me…I could get one color for each of my kids. The next question was what color were they?

Another step that pointed me in the direction of creating the album was while browsing the internet one morning, looking over the news stories and tib bits of information, I came across an article on color and the relation to peoples personalities. Bingo! I read the article and knew immediately which child belonged to which color.

So now I had a plan. I would do the layouts for each child in their chosen color. I decided I would repeat the layout designs to save me some time. Then I began to write an outline, much like you would do for writing a report or a speech. As I listed what I wanted to include the pattern’s came very easily.


12×12 with Natural Pages

Introduction Page- one picture of each child & a saying about motherhood

*Make same lo below for each child

A)  Beginning layout – Do 2 pg lo with crossword of their name & other info:

-Include 4 pics on each pg

-Hebrew meaning of name

-Bible verse – you claim for them

-Month Born, Nickname, Birthstone, Birth Flower,

-Use 4 adjectives to describe your child’s positive traits

-Tell meaning of color or why you chose it

B)  Do “Mother’s Love” page = baby pics of mom and baby (1 pg)

C)  Do a grid of 12 pics 2″x 2″ – all ages

D)  Do 2 pg lo of 16 individual pics of each child

(include 4-5 pics of child with relative, teacher, close friend)

E)  Do 2 pg lo of 15 individual pics of each child

(include 4-5 pics of child with relative,teacher, close friend)

F)  Do clear portrait sleeve between 2 pg lo (directly above) 2 8×10’s back to back placed on white cardstock but inserted in portrait sleeve to far left so you can see through the right half of sleeve – young&old

*Behind (final pages) the lay outs above:

G)  Do 2 pg lo with 12 pics of mom & kids

H)  Do 2 pg lo with brothers & sisters (include stepsisters)

I)  Do 2 pg lo of special events with mama and kids

J)  Do 2 pg lo of kids with cousins, aunts/uncles, grandparents

K)  Do clear portrait sleeve with 2 8×10 group portraits (insert same as above)


-Individual pictures

-Pictures with a grandparent, teacher, friend, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle

-Combo Family pics: brother & sisters; cousins; stepbrothers & stepsisters; grandparents; Aunts & Uncles

I made a pile for each child. I would try to find similar shots at the same age (that is possible making the album when children are older) of each child. For example, I would find a picture of my oldest at age 10 with a toy, silly faces, costumes, playing, etc. I would try to find ones of the other children with the same thing. After sorting the pictures I sketched my layouts on sticky notes and placed it on the pages in the order I was doing them. The album itself only took a couple of weeks to plan and gather items and a few weeks to lay it all down.

I plan on doing a Volume II including more recent pictures, continuing with the color theme but changing up the papers; patterns to bring more current. I recommend this album to everyone. Especially to a single again mother who is hurting and lonely. It takes your eyes off yourself and onto the gifts that God has given you. You can adapt this theme for step-children and adopted children. It would make a great gift to give to mother on Mother’s Day. This album brings me such joy. It not only holds all of the memories I have as a mother it represents the heritage of the Lord. The most wonderful thing of all is that when I am gone, my children will hold in their hands the love that filled my heart!

PS: I am including the dads in the other albums 🙂

Grace to you all


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