Scrapbook Love

This is where I talk about my favorite hobby!!!  Well I won’t bore you too much but just want to share how and why I scrapbook.

I love pictures!! Always have. My father owned a 35 mm when I was young and he would develop his own film.  I loved watching the picture come to life, so to speak.  He was pretty good at picture-taking.  I think I got a love printed images from him.  When I was stationed in Germany I remember using one of my first paychecks to purchase my own 35 mm.  A Minolta.  It was a whole kit which included lenses, filters and flash.  It came with a camera bag.  Got it at the BX on base. I was so excited.  I took pictures of all my trips.  They are scrapbooked now.  I have since lost the negatives to most of the pictures I shot in the 80’s which is disappointing.  I would love to digitize them.

I will try to load a gallery of some of the older photos I took then.

How I scrapbook is the other subject.  I like to plan my books. I spend a lot of time trying to imagine the order and theme of the books.  I research colors and layouts and then I do a storyboard.  Hand drawing the pages.  I do not always follow the layout because I may get inspired to do something totally different when I sit down to arrange it on the page.  But the plan keeps me focused on getting it done.  I also use the Creative Memories Power Layout System. It totally revolutionized the time it took to put an album together.  I was able to complete the books quickly but at the same time enjoy the process wihtout being overwhelmed.

I hope you enjoy some of my ideas and become inspired yourself to memorialize your life for future generations.

grace to you


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