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Leach Family Tree

Michelle Margaret Leach

Roots Branches and Trees

          I have been actively searching my family tree for several years now.  I thought I would dedicate a page to links and information I have discovered in hopes that it would be helpful for anyone beginning their search.  I can not tell you how exciting it is to find photos, stories, and facts about one’s ancestry.  You become a detective.

Every time I find someone new I get excited wondering what discovery or connection this will lead to. I try to research the time period and history in the local area where my ancestor lived so I can get an idea what they might have been doing or how they lived.  There are a lot of names on the tree and verifying them can be a tedious task. But it becomes worth it when you connect to the right ones. One branch, one person at a time.  It really is an amazing journey.

One of the most time-consuming areas of researching is organizing all the information.  I am determined to get it all presentable for my family. Finding pictures and documents is also very exciting.  I have uploaded a lot of family photos for the future researchers. I believe in sharing information. The more we share the easier the search.

The Names ~

Leach, Allen (2 sides), Sullivan, White, Joiner, Ward, Twidwell, Wakefield, Ownby, Bishop, Parker, Ivey, Cannady, Herron, Bland, Howard, Gentry

Pope, Zolman, Tripp, Calvird, Hickman, Whitner, Hughes, Farrar, Murphy, Graybill, Cotner, Stroup, Moyers, Jarrell, Brown, Thurmond, Wilson, Braden

Military ~

Ancestors that served in the

Revolutionary War – 2,

War of 1812 – 1,

Civil War – 2,

WWII – 2

Vietnam – 1

(still researching the connection on 2)

Geography ~






North Carolina





Occupations ~

Farmer, Printer, Justice of the Peace, Preachers, House Keepers, Merchant

(so far…)

Here are a few of my favorite links

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy sites on the Internet

Find A Grave  Cemeteries from all over the country

How To Find Your Roots  Preserving your family history

The US GenWeb Project a free Genealogy site with hundreds of links for the United States

The World Vital Records a collection of vital records from all over the world

Mackley Genealogy   Wayne County, Missouri families

Missouri Digital Heritage


Pope Genealogy

Zolman Family

Zolman Family Reunion 2013

Genealogy Do-Over

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