Getting To The Other Side. . .

“In order to receive real comfort and move forward, you have to let the false comforts go. Simple as that. Yes, it takes courage. It can be scary and hard. But say to yourself that you are willing to go to the other side of hard. That is where your reward is. It is waiting for you. All it takes is a commitment to forward motion, step by step. And you will get there!”

Philippians 3:13

Excerpt from Day 4 of You Version The Weight Loss Scripture Devotional by Kimberly Taylor

One thing

“But say to yourself that you are willing to go to the other side of hard. That is where your reward is. It is waiting for you.”

That sentence made me wake up, literally.  I was asleep and the  alarm went off on my phone. As I was turning it off I noticed the reminder for Day 4 of my devotional popped up and so before I put my feet on the floor I read it. When I got to that sentence I had to go back and re-read it.  Because at that moment I was sore from the three days of exercise I had begun on Monday. I had made a commitment to get up and do more exercise before going to my doctor’s appointment and then on to work.

Oh, how I didn’t want to do it. But God used those words + scripture to speak to me specifically. He was reminding me He is with me, giving me strength and encouragement.  He is giving me an open door of opportunity to go forward in what I know is the right thing to do. He is giving me a choice.  A choice ‘to go to the other side of hard.’

So I got up, put on my exercise clothes, started the DVD and did the hard.  And you know what, when I was finished it did not feel like it had been hard.  It felt good. Then I was encouraged that it was a new day, full of mercy and grace.

I was rewarded with the news that I have lost 6 lbs.  So there you have it…the other side of hard is GOOD NEWS!

Now to do it again. 🙂

Keep this in mind….



I can choose to eat healthy food but I also can also get lazy or in a hurry and ‘want it now,’ so eat what is fast.  Neither which give me satisfaction, only guilt. If I prepare a table (plan my meals ahead of time) and give every minute and second to praising God I can then ask for strength, endurance and a vision for the blessings to come from right healthy choices.  He says when we ask, in His name, in His will, with thanksgiving He will do it!  I believe that for I have seen Him do it over and over in my life. And He has never failed me.  God forgive me for failing you!

I have to keep in mind I am either building up or tearing down.  Both can be used for God’s glory when ‘renovating’ because after all to renovate you have to tear down to rebuild, right?


Somebody tell that to my aching legs from ZUMBA last night! 🙂

And it begins…

Deuteronomy 30:19-20New King James Version (NKJV)

19 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; 20 that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days; and that you may dwell in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.”





Being transparent isn’t easy when you struggle with things you know are not pleasing to the Lord.  Making your commitment to stay on a path of obedience to Jesus and His principles is even more risky when you make it public. But today I choose life, blessing and change within my heart.


– just as a side note to those fb friends who like to post pictures of yummy food dishes, those will not be a help to me!!! LOL

I’m Losing!

By the title you probably think it is "poor me" blog.  But guess what I am a loser!  And losing more every day.  I can’t believe how wonderful this feels. It is amazing that I can even say that.  After all this time, I can finally admit it!  I can stand up and proudly say that losing isn’t half bad. I mean talk about being an optimist, here it comes…you know how Jesus says in order to gain your life, you have to lose it…weeeeellll most people don’t get that…give it to Him and He gives it back in better and cleaner condition than when you gave it to him.  It is a paradox of the greatest kind.  There is a silly book out called "The Secret", below is a description of the book…what a dangerous thing to teach people that the reason you are something is because you think it…

Feb. 25, 2007 – Let’s look at using the Creative Process for those who feel they are overweight and who want to lose weight. The first thing to know is that if you focus on losing weight, you will attract back having to lose more weight, so get “having to lose weight” out of your mind. It’s the very reason why diets don’t work. Because you are focused on losing weight, you must attract back continually having to lose weight.

The second thing to know is that the condition of being overweight was created through your thought to it. To put it in the most basic terms, if someone is overweight, it came from thinking “fat thoughts,” whether that person was aware of it or not. A person cannot think “thin thoughts” and be fat. It completely defies the law of attraction.

Whether people have been told they have a slow thyroid, a slow metabolism, or their body size is hereditary, these are all disguises for thinking “fat thoughts.” If you accept any of those conditions as applicable to you, and you believe it, it must become your experience, and you will continue to attract being overweight.

Of course Jesus taught that all sin starts in the mind.  We first see it, or lust after it (think about it) then we take action (go about getting it or doing it).  And there are consequenses to reap.  But to say you think fat thoughts and you become fat is absurd.  Here is another humanistic, selfish thing the world is trying to teach us…the law of attraction.  That is not scriptural but people are living their life by such law.  I guess one would think it is an innocent way of improving our lives without having to depend on God or anyone else for that matter.  The danger is in believing that we have the power to change, alone from Christ, or the power to attract good things in our lives. All good things come from Him. 

Yes, we have the power to choose and take action but it is Christ power working in and through us that actually transforms.  It is frustrating to me that the world has yet one more reason to turn to themselves and not to a Holy God! 

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Why then would I call myself a loser…because through God’s strength (and only His) I have officially lost 18lbs…I have been changing my eating habits and thanking Him daily for His strength to overcome by using His Word.  The only thought of myself was God let me glorify you in this body.  Help me please you in my thoughts, in my actions and words, especially my eating! 

I know He is pleased that I am losing and in that I become a victor!  And I give Him all the glory! Not my mind!
Grace to you…

Healing for the Mind and Soul?

Healing for the Mind and Soul? What a concept!  I have been told over the last two years that it just takes time…in part it does take time, but I believe it takes more than that. It takes trust in God & action on our part. (like the crippled man laying by the pool) Trust can be hard if we have been hurt, betrayed or disappointed and action can be very hard if we are stuck with that pain which seems to go on and on!  I know those two things very well.

A true friend gave me the book "Healing Is A Choice" by Stephen Arterburn, he gives 10 Choices and 10 lies we tell ourselves to stay in a state of pain and sadness.  God has been preparing my heart to hear these truths and I am ready.  I want to get on with my life…I want to show my children what living is!  Living to glorify God! 

Just like they say in Texas "get ur done!"

Grace to you