Heart of Texas – The Movie

Last night I watched a movie (documentary) about a story of forgiveness, the likes which I have never seen!  If you can get a hold of this DVD (see link below) it will be well worth the time and expense.  As I was watching this movie the thought kept running through my mind…we always look for God in the mountain moving moments, the departing sea kind of event but never in a tragedy that pierces the deepest part of a soul.  What I witnessed in this account was just that, God and all His mercy and grace!!! You have got to see this movie!!!!

The Heart of Texas

"So seldom do you find a story that is so
heartbreaking, and yet so uplifting. The Heart of Texas is an
astonishing film that everyone should see."
Josh D. McDowell
Author and Speaker

Heart of Texas provides a cinematic experience that will last long
after the viewing, a true tale of loss and redemption that will become
a part your life."
Ron Maxwell
Writer-Director of Gettysburg and Gods & Generals

loved this story the first time I saw it….an incredible documentary
on the awesome power of God’s love that everyone needs to see."
Chuck Norris
Actor/Producer/Author of the N.Y.Times Bestseller Blackbelt Patriotism

through history, human beings have been wired for stories of sacrifice,
courage, redemption and forgiveness. Every man, woman and child has
been created with soul-strings running through their lives that
reverberate with meaning and power when plucked by certain stories. The
Heart of Texas is one of those stories, an unforgettable miracle that
would seem almost unbelievable — if it were not 100 percent true.
Don’t miss this story. Let it change your life."
Brian Bird, Co-Executive Producer of Touched By An Angel

"An unforgettable story of forgiveness."

Michael Landon, Jr. Director/Producer

"Forgiveness is the beginning of the journey Christians take toward
spiritual transformation. This movie gives us a clear glimpse of taking
the possible and making it the actual. It’s a must see!"
Dr. Larry Crabb, Best-selling Author and Speaker

"My wife and I wept with joy as we watched this wonderful film. This is a film that will bring hope to America".
Dr. Rick Scarborough, Pastor & Founder of Vision America

"Watch this Film. It will change your life!"
Reggie Dabbs, Author, Motivational Speaker

"This story will move your heart, change your life, and give you hope
in the potential for true redemption in a fallen world."
Greg Stier, President, Dare2Share Ministries

Family Night @ The Movies!

Man, what a time I had with my kids last night.  We went to see Spider-man 3. I purchased tickets Wed online so we wouldn’t have to mess with that since I was going to be driving in from work picking up my brood and the eating on the fly…which we did not get to do because of traffic.  My youngest was so excited, counting the days. And asking repeatedly, was I sure I bought the tickets.  I sat between my 10 year old, my 12 year old, and my daughter and her boyfriend on the end, watching this action packed drama, just as amazed as they were, at the imagination of all the people who put that piece of entertainment together. 

What was really cool, was the theme of the movie.  Basically you could sum it up with, revenge  destroys!  My boys got it pretty clearly. That was our discussion over pancakes at IHOP. Late show. And this morning while I drank my Saturday morning cup of coffee, little Sammy went over all the cool details of his favorite parts. I smiled while listening to his perspective on the story line.  I had read reviews Thursday, bemoaning how many villains were in the film and so that was a part of my movie-viewing checklist.  I think 3 villains in a movie is probably a good number.  1 would have been boring, 2 might have done the trick but 3 kind of clinched the point of the theme.  I mean the boys got to see “Harry” change for the good by forgiving towards the end and see the selfish jerk “Eddie” completely be destroyed.  As for the “Sandman”, well you kind of felt sorry for him but both of my boys remarked on the lesson in that…we all make choices, good or bad and there are always consequences.  We were able to speak about forgiveness, love and laying your life down for another.  And even redemption, a God of second chances.  That is one of the reasons I wanted to share the video above to extend the discussion to you all.  I love this song by Brandon Heath and I think it is appropriate for the theme. It is straight and to the point. I hope you enjoy it and God may use it to minister to you.

Grace to you all


Magic through a child’s eyes!

My daughter will be sixteen in a couple of months.  She is a wonderful person.  I become critical of her sometimes when I see things in her character that do not enhance her beauty. Inside as well as outside.  Even after all she has been through, she has so much more strength and confidence about herself than I did at her age.   She knows what she wants to be when she graduates from high school.  I am so happy for her.  We got to go on a mother/daughter date last friday night.  We went to see the Broadway production of “The Lion King”.  She was like a little girl again…full of excitement and wonder!  It was a memorable evening for me as a mother.  To enjoy the pagentry and spectacle live and then also to be taken back, remembering her as a little girl watching the movie and singing the songs. (a little girl behind us talked through the whole show, identifying each character – that would have been her at that age) It was magic!