About Shell. . .

I am married to the love of my life…we were married for a short time many, many years ago and then separated for over twenty years but circumstances have brought him back into my life and we have reunited in marriage.  It is a wonderful God-story explained in some of the blog entries.

I am also a mother to 4 grown children and 4 adult step-children. My youngest son is living in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a son serving in the US Army who is currently overseas, a daughter who is married with two beautiful daughters of her own. My oldest son is also married with three children, living a semi-farm life in North Carolina. I have a nephew who is attending Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Through marriage we have gained 5 sons/daughters in-laws and another one soon to be. Several more grandchildren have been added, bringing the number to 12 and two on the way. Yes, our family is growing and growing and growing….I love it, though, all of it!

Below is just a few of the family members. Some are spread out around the world…..


Big Family


Mama and her kids


McDaniel Clan


Vitek Clan


Most of the Grands!!!

One thought on “About Shell. . .

  1. Tony Bonastia says:

    Hey Shell,

    A friend of mine sent me your link, and only today I was shocked to see your sister Dani had passed in 2006. I went to school with her and hung out together on weekends. I always thought the world of her. Unfortunately, through my 22 year Air Force Career, different continents, hemispheres, and my own family, I lost touch with Dani. I had always thought I would run into her somewhere in Arnold, or on a float trip. Now I know that will not happen on this earth. Once again, I am sorry for your loss, she was a special person to me. Can you tell me what took her life? Thanks again for you wonderful words and some of the cool pics when you guys were kids.

    Tony B.

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