Oh Lord Jesus Fall Fresh On Me

November 5, 2012

It is the day before the 2012 election that will be taking place in the United States of America and I am not sure where to begin.   So many thoughts swirling about in my mind.  I have spent many hours reading articles, listening to speeches, watching news stories unfold as they happened around the world. Much of that information has left me disappointed, frustrated and at times angry with the direction our country is moving.  I heard someone say today that after tomorrow the America we remember as a child will never be that America again.  And I do believe that to be true no matter the outcome.

Growing up I heard sayings like “It’s as American as apple pie.” and “America is baseball, hot dogs and Chevrolet!” As a kid I believed America was about The Pledge of Allegiance, Stars & Stripes,  Star Bangled Banner & fireworks, Pilgrims and Indians, White Christmases & Jesus in the manger.  It was hot summer days eating bologna sandwiches, swimming in the neighbor’s pool and warm evenings chasing lightning bugs in the front yard.  Politics? Don’t think I ever really knew much about that except occasional overheard conversations.  I do remember watching Nixon give his resignation speech on  television but don’t remember what my thought was about it.   The symbol of politics for me was the image of Uncle Sam with a tall hat and extra long stilt-like legs.  I remember seeing elephants and donkeys but not understanding what they meant.

As a teenager, it became something a little different.  I remember my parents taking me to a Jimmy Carter campaign rally.  I did not much like it nor do I remember why.  I became a little more aware of the role of our president and what his job was but really did not pay too much attention to it all.  It was over my head.   The most I recall is the media making the public aware of the antics of the president’s brother, Billy, who drank a lot.  President Carter had a Georgia accent which was kind of distracting when he spoke.

Then came Ronald Reagan.  I knew he was an actor but did not know much about him then.  I liked him and thought he was genuine.  I liked that he did not back down and he had a sense of humor.  I paid more attention to him though I still was not into all that.  From my high school years to early adulthood I was pretty much focused on me, myself and I.  There were a few years in there where I did not watch much television other than the current sitcoms or read many newspapers.  I was not informed nor did I care at the time.  I had opinions perhaps some were passed down from the previous generation but for the most part they often were formulated by the current music and film culture.  I am sad to admit that.

It really was not until I joined the Air Force that I began to take notice of the events taking place in our nation and the world.  I began to understand the bigger picture in regards to the United States and where it stood on the world stage.  My first assignment took me to Europe.  And it was there I got to see my country from another perspective.  There was a growing patriotism rising up within me.  I saw history up close and personal.  For the first time in my life, at the young age of 23, I not only appreciated the fact that I was American but I experienced what being American meant.

Over the years since then I have become passionate about our country and its history.  Probably too passionate as some would say.  Age and experience have given me a better perspective on world around me.  Christianity and motherhood have a part in that as well.

November 6, 2012

Today is election day! Finally it is here.  I have had a quiet soul this morning coming to work.  So different from several weeks ago.  I was anxious about all the back and forth, up and down the crazy, horrible division that has come with it.  Our pastor said something that changed that for me.  “No matter who is elected President, God still wins!”  How profound that is.  It sort of yanked me back to earth so to speak.  Since that time I have searched my heart and realized whatever way it goes it is all in His plan.  America is changing and will continue to change.   Changes coming from all directions and mostly not for the good.  But what will not change is a Holy God who has it all in His hand.  By His providence we, the United States of America, began from a small group of folks looking for freedom of worship.   Freedom to study His Word and live it out in their lives.

America was great, because God was great to America.  He is no longer great to many and is no longer known by many.   God blessed us because we, as a nation, stood on the principles of His Word.  Change has taken us far from our roots, it began many, many years ago.  Sometime after WWII we took God out of our schools and out of our government.  Men twisted the words of our founding fathers and hid them away from the generations.  Truth is gone in many textbooks and replaced with lies.  Holiness is gone from our churches and replaced with feelings.  What was good is now bad and what was bad is now good.

I have often wondered how things have gotten so mixed up and ludicrous.  I sometimes wish I could shout truth from a mountain top or tall building.  I want to scream, “STOP!!”  I shake my head and am right back where I started with a question.  “What can I do?”  I recently listened to an audio book called Holiness by Henry Blackaby and my heart fell under conviction.  So heavy and yet so needed.  My heart has wanted to see God move, wanted to see revival.  And I wanted my family to experience God as well.  I wanted them to witness His power!

To witness His power and be in His presence  is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.  There are no words to describe it.   It only happens when we pursue holiness.   I have done that before.  I have experienced it.  I have no excuse for not being there now.  Life happened and I let it.  But I yearn for it again.  I so want the Lord Jesus to fall fresh on me, on my family and those that are in my life.  Being in the presence of God moves your heart  to share the love of God with those around you.  It just spills out.  You can not stop it and you can not control it.  It is truly God’s Holy Spirit controlling you.    People see God through you for that is the only way they will see.

It begins in my repented heart.  When holiness is pursued my heart will change and there will be fruit.  It will then effect change to those around me,  my family.   The change in my family will affect change in my church.   The change in my church will affect change in my community.  I want to see that!

When I arrived at work this morning my devotional calendar for November 6 said

‘God’s purpose for us is holiness, His own holiness, which we are to share.’


And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.  

1 John 3:3

When you ask God for wisdom, He gives it in sometimes not so subtle ways.  He waits but not forever.  He waits so that no man will perish.  Regardless of the outcome of the election God will still be on the throne, the world will continue to turn and we will still be left wanting.  The only true way to change our country is to make a change in our hearts.  A change of direction, turning away from sin and toward the one who forgives our sin.

Change comes from one person. Just one person standing up for what is right.   For that matter, kneeling down for what is lost.

Grace to you,


8 thoughts on “Oh Lord Jesus Fall Fresh On Me

  1. Reagan was the first president that I remember making an impact on me too and ever since it’s increased over the years and now here we are in one of the most historic ever. I love your last statement there in particular…that’s a wonderful bottom line.

    • Thanks Joe. Waking up this morning was sad but still we have hope…I sense God’s judgment on our nation and know that it is in His plan! Wow, we ask for revival and it may come on the wave of last night decision! God is good! Good to hear from you, brother!!! Grace to you Shell

  2. Michelle, Thank you for this beautiful post. I too long to have my heart (and the heart of my nation) completely consumed by God’s holiness. I too had to pray through the grief I felt at the outcome. I am thankful that God is in control.

    Yet, I remain aware that God is watching us to see if we as a nation will turn from our wicked ways and seek his face so that he may hear from on high and heal our land. God is seeking a people who will voluntarily love him with our hearts, minds and souls and love our neighbors as ourselves. If we love God, we will keep his commandments. Love keeps God’s commandments.

    Moses told Israel if they would keep themselves from living vain lives by teaching their children to remember God’s commandments. Our lives are filled with vanity because we have failed to teach our children to remember God’s commandments. We have appointed people to hold positions of public trust who have not only failed to remember God’s commandments, they fail to keep our trust when they deny us the right to freely practice our religion. God charges us with the responsibility for teaching our children, our neighbor’s children and the stranger that lives among us to remember his commandments. The Supreme Court, Congress nor the President has the right to decree away our freedom to practice our religion.

  3. A poignant read Shell, thanks for sharing your heart. The part about growing up resonates simlarly with my own journey to aduldhood becoming a little less self centered to more awareness of the world at large, including the importance of politics, which after all is about the policies that involve pretty much everyone.
    A nation may have the wake up calls it takes and still not listen, sometimes that is how it goes – one step forward with two steps back it seems. Hopefully it does not take too drastic a measure for this still growing young nation to get that all this blessings did not just happen simply on our own accord, but that we’re truely blessed by the hand of God with solid founding principles no matter how arcaic that seems to some.
    Despite all the shortcomings we’d do well to learn what has not worked for other nations, thus avoid tumbling and crumbling down just the same. Even ordinary citizens need to stand up, never letting ourselves become complacent just because we enjoy the many blessings here, especially with the freedom we have, and not just use it on selfishness either. What we have been given is much too important to ever take for granted, and what a priviage this endeavor to ensure such glorius liberty to the next generation, seeing how our time on this earth is not forever it is the very least we can do, should do!
    In an enduring relationship to follow after God’s heart, one kind of learns quickly how merciful it is when judgement can be spared, yet even with the undesirability of a misguided path that leads to the possible inevitability when judgement is somehow not spared, there is still the hopefulness with the outcome of chastening, that he will be there longing to comfort all the prodgigal hearts everywhere that turn to him for restoration… it is still his kindness that leads us to repentance.

    • J- Thank you so much for visiting and your comment…I pray for repentance and restoration of our nation. So true are your words!!!! I did not even see the misspelling of prodigal until you mentioned it in other comment. LOL I guess I was concentrating on the message! Thanks again…Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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