The Tree

The most amazing thing to me about doing my family tree is the size of it today.  When I started I had 3 generations on both sides of my parents.  Now on some of the branches I have up to 8 generations.  I have seen pictures of some of my family members, I have seen the gravestones and even a picture of the very house my 6th  great-grandfather grew up in located in Germany.  It has been renovated twice and still standing.  I got to show my sister, Amanda the tree today.  She was excited to see how many are actually listed on the tree.  This journey has been so awesome, it would be cool if everyone did it, then it would not be so hard to find people! 🙂

Family Tree

6 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. You know one of the most memorable moments I had in the last couple of years was the time we had visiting an old church and graveyard in Ireland. There was history there…so much history. People had buried their relatives there for hundreds of years. It’s sobering somehow to witness gravestones that have been there as long or longer then the United States birthday! Fascinating though I was not related to them! Bless you my friend.

  2. I have relatives in Ireland but have not found the connection yet…getting close but need to verify! I can’t wait because then I want to travel there and see it!!!

  3. I would like to find out my family history i know my great grandfather moved from mo in the late 1800s and my grandfathers name is wendell b leach

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