It’s been a while…

Where do I begin….so much in my life has changed since the move from MSN Live spaces.  So much so, blogging was set aside for some time.  I have missed it at times and today I have wondered what part of my life was filled that I did not have need to write my thoughts down and share.  Maybe having the love of my life come back to me might have had some bearing on this.  Sharing with him the details of all the years we were apart consumed my time when I was not at work.  Sharing with him his new relationship with God, watching our relationship grow with one another is utter amazement. 

We have reunited in marriage and are beginning to embark on a new season in our lives.  Mine as  a married woman again and his getting to know his new family in a new place.  I know from experience that this time can be tentative and curious.  I think in some instances lonely and doubtful.  I say that because when going into a new adventure you leave behind familiar surroundings and routines.  Sometimes it also brings a distance to relationships you had before. You know you are not leaving them behind just beginning new ones. 

Going in, we both believed God was directing and leading us to this new life.  So keeping our eyes on Him to help us navigate the new terrain is the challenge.  Holding on to each other, focusing on His will for our lives and not looking back, not dwelling on the bumps ahead.  I love my new life.  I love how God brought it all about.  I love the potential and anticipation there is in it all. 

He is the one I wanted to grow old with and we giggle at the milestones we have covered in the age arena and sigh at the ones that give reminder to that fact that we are mere mortals.  I look at him daily and still can not believe it is all real.  My insecurities come to the surface and grasp at the things I know to be true.  Like God is in control and He is in me, giving me strength and peace.  He is gracious to us and has blessed us with sooo very much!  He has worked out the jobs, the transportation, the housing, the provisions….every single detail so what do I have to question?

We, women, do analyze everything.  We try to find answers for everything.  It is like a puzzle we have to put together or it drives us crazy.  I think it is kind of funny at times.  He seems to be laid back until we start discussing these things then I find out he is sort of doing the same thing only not so much about everything….just a few things.  The things that cause him to worry…his kids, his job and his walk with God.  I love the fact that we can talk about it…even when it is hard.  He has given me comfort and calm in some things and in others added to my need to know answers.  That must be the ebb and flow of the marriage relationship.

I am for the most part taking one step at a time, one day at a time in this new adventure.  Do not want to get ahead of myself or God for that matter….absolutely not ahead of my husband…I want to remain at his side walking into the future hand in hand.

“The righteous and the wise and their words are in the hand of God.”  Ecclesiastes 9:1

Our Wedding

6 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Things have been changing for some time. I noticed the trend moving away from blogging as Face Book began to take the forefront. I admit dismay at this because it seemed with the shorter comments came a feeling for things being posted that meant less and less and required less and less comment in turn. I felt myself drifting from it myself as the call to the mission field came again. Compounding this effect was the last trip left us in a place with no internet. I’m still blogging but fewer people visit now than ever before. Now I find that Continuing is more an act of faith than anything else. It’s good to hear from you Michelle. Like it or not I think we’re all at a fork in the road right now.

    • Thanks Joe…good to hear from you too…I miss the days of blog traffic…I guess you begin to appreciate the things you got from it now that it is gone. sorry to say I have not bee around visiting others…see Carol post a few things now and then. I guess I just been too busy with my new life…as it should be for now! Keep posting you never know what God will do through it….I think that is what I am thinking now…very good to hear from you..very encouraging!
      Grace to you shell

    • Pretty much know what ya mean Joe. I too miss the sense of community with so many at the old blog place there, it does seem we’re rather a bit scattered now. fb is soso and can be time consuming though it’s charm has waned a little. Wonder what the next new thing will be…

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