Leaving My Space Behind

The rumors turned out to be true….Spaces is going away.  It feels like I am being evicted!
This was my first blog, ever. 
It was my therapy and a means to sanity at times.  It had everything I needed at a time in my life when I was wandering!  Wandering through desert, mountains, valleys and dark forests.  It allowed me to record that journey and enabled me to see it through.  This place was my "safe" place for a little while, for 4 years. 
I know it sounds kind of corny to lament over a virtual abyss of words and images.  But to me it was more than that…it really was.  It was an outlet for creativity, sharing and learning.  It gave me a voice during a time when my voice was crying out for healing.  It connected me with like minded souls whose hearts, for a time, were my companions.  I not only got to hear the stories of others lives but to peek inside their lives through their pictures and music.  And that often inspired me.  The world came into my room through a screen.  The stories, prayers and comments touched my life in such a way that it often gave me hope and encouragement. 
It filled a void that I believe God used to keep me from isolation. Isolation is not good for getting one back into life…. I am so grateful for the time spent here on Spaces.  My love for writing has blossomed and my hope and dream is to pursue it in some form.  I want to put something out there that not only inspires and encourages but brings glory to my heavenly father.  I am asking Him to open a door of opportunity for me in this area.  I believe He will and am excited to discover what it will be. 
I will be migrating to WordPress until I can figure something out. I have a blogger account that is devoted to scrapbooking  "My Scrappy World" I do not post as often there and am not sure I want to combine my blog with that.  This blog has been and is about my personal walk with God.  It may be that I need to take a break for a while…I will consider that in prayer…as to what the Lord would have me to do. 
So many have already left, it is not the same so it won’t be too hard to say goodbye…there are a few that have not been on here in quite some time and would have liked to converse with them for a bit….but I understand that those who cross our path may only be for a season and we who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will be united in Heaven someday soon.  So to that end…may God pour His grace onto you in coming days….and if you want to stay connected, you can find me most assuradly on FACEBOOK
Grace to you….
Michelle Padilla


4 thoughts on “Leaving My Space Behind

  1. Hi Shell, You have expressed much here, that I could have written. It is hard to explain the depth of feeling over the closure of live spaces. Know what you mean when you say you feel you have been evicted. As you know I am on blogger and follow you on scrappy world. dont think I will downland to word press.

  2. Probably just save some of my blog and then continue blogging on blogger, have till jan/march to accomplise it all, I think, but will get moving on it soon. take care – see you on facebook – hugs nita.

  3. Don\’t leave me! Well I guess if you must then I\’ll have to catch a visit with ya\’ll now and then perhaps. My first blog home too, and when our German Shepherd past I\’ll say it proved to be quite therapuetic("-")

  4. Shell your blog does pretty much express it all, God bless my friend. Glad to know you are going to be here on WordPress, that is the new one here right? I haven\’t looked into it yet, it could be overwhelming All these changes, if not given time to prepare. Have a peaceful weekend("-")

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