Spaces, Places and Faces

It seems Spaces is so very quiet these days…not much traffic coming through.  I check in when I can but my life has gotten kind of busy these days. I have not really been able to spend much time here.  I have some friends here on spaces that were on here when I first began blogging…so few of us left from years ago…I’ve been on here since March 2006! Four years and it seems as if I have never not been on here…the blessings from your comments and prayers and encouragement can not be erased by WLS changes, nor time…thank you friends for your faithfulness…and that alone says something about each of your walks with our Lord.  Forgive me if I did not mention your name….

Nita   *   Liz   *   Greg         

*   Joe   *      

J W   *   Gerry   *   Carol L.


I have gone back recently and re-read some of my posts.  It seems during these past years, the themes in my life were about loneliness and grief…a season deliberated by God Himself, I believe.  Praise God, He brings us through and when we turn around and look back, we see the beautiful fruit grown out of the tears…as Greg said to Nita on her recent post  ‘We shall overcome together!"  And I think we have!!  What I find to be such a blessing is that in my day to day life I often find one of your names coming to mind and I lift up your name in prayer…someone I have never met face to face but in spirit I am drawn to love and pray for you…wow, the ways in which God brings together His children!!!

I have been wanting to post some things for some time now but it seems the Lord is having me reconsider some of the things I would like to say.  Has that ever happened to you?  You want to pour out your heart but something tells you to hold on to it for a while.  It is not too difficult because I would rather hold on to it than just spill and then maybe wish I hadn’t.  Not that anything I am holding on to in my heart is bad…to the contrary.  It is more like busting at the seems to share with you all what God is doing in my heart and life.  I can tell you that He is moving so powerfully, years of prayers are being answered, people are getting saved and lives are being changed. 

I finally got moved into an apartment. Yes, no house!  They would be snapped up as soon as they were listed.  And many were out of my price range.  It seemed so unfair at first because in March when I was browsing the listings there were a ton that I could afford but could not rent yet.  In April there were very few and I could not get to them fast enough.  So once again I am in a two bedroom apartment with two teenage sons. 

It is very contemporary and quite cozy.  It has a few things that I am very excited about…a large kitchen with the biggest island ever seen…which will be a plus for making cakes.  It has some great amenities and community.  It happens to be contained within shopping strip center concept.  Restaurants & movie theater are within walking distance.  There is also a Park & Ride located there.  One of the best things is that the boys school is right across the street so I will not have to worry about getting them to and from football practice.  Whewwww!!! That is definitely an answer to prayer!!!  It is all very convenient and very metro…The disadvantages to the apartment:  not the space I had been counting on, on the third floor a half mile from elevator (exaggerated), so moving was not an easy chore.  Stair wells are close by but the parking situation is hit or miss as well, but they do have a golf cart shuttle in case you have to park too far away…try bringing home groceries in that…LOL.  But all in all, it is wonderful to have my own place again.  Still unpacking and trying to figure out how to store and arrange things, with less space, creates another problem.

I have been making many plans for this summer.  Haven’t made this many plans since I can remember. All arranged around family. Although a very good friend that I have not seen in some time is planning on making a trip over to Texas to hang out for a couple of days in July.  Looking forward to that for many reasons but mainly because God is doing some great things in their lives and I can not wait to hear all about it!!!   I will be giving my daughter a baby shower the beginning of August.  And hopefully it will all come together, as close to the plan as possible.  LOL…praying!!!  There is many on the list so we shall see how all goes!  My son, daughter-in-law and grandson will be coming in for a visit around the same time and I can not even tell you how thrilled I am about that!!!!  Will also have some other family coming in as well so this summer should be a very full and joyful time for me….I love my family and there is nothing better to me than being surrounded by all of them at the same time!!! 

There are several other things planned for the boys.  A trip to see aunts and uncles in July.  Football camp-Jun/Jul, summer school – Jun and football practice which does not begin until August before school begins again.  They are growing so fast and sometimes I feel as if I missed so much with them.  Because of the changes in our family over the past 5 years it was so very hard to keep up with it all.  Being a single mom and having to work I really did not get to do the things with them I wanted to…that I should have been able to do.  I am trying really hard to give them some semblance of stability and family before they get out on their own in the world.  Facing the empty nest is going to be hard for me.  You know I have talked about this before…facing the future without them, without my kids alone was so difficult for me these past years.  When I would think about it my heart would seize up in my chest.  I would almost go into a panic….what will I do????

I know now that we are never alone, for one, our kids never really leave us.  They need us, even more so when they get out on their own.  They need to be able to call home and know someone will answer the phone.  They need to be able to call and say, “Mom, Dad, I need some help, can you help?”  Our job as a parent is never over and I am finding that out with Alexandra.  Sometimes Ben as well.  While I do not relish the thought of them having problems, I know they will.  I pray that I have given them reason to trust me enough to call me when they do need help.  I would move heaven and earth to be there for them.  I am very proud of them and what they are trying to accomplish with their lives.  I can only pray and hope that Esteban and Sam will strive to do the same.  It takes time for our kids to find their place in this world.  There are a lot of detours and roadblocks in front of them.  And we as parents need to lift them up in prayer every day.  To pray for protection, for wisdom and especially for their spiritual walks. 

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

I believe that is the most important thing we can do for our children.  Especially since we can’t always be right around the corner.  Navigating through the world is tough enough but without God they will certainly struggle, fall and sometimes lose hope.  They will get lost.  They may make unwise decisions that could lead to devastation.  It is the only weapon we have to fight what Satan wants to do in their lives.  To steal, kill and destroy any future they have.  Christ wants to do the exact opposite.  He wants to give them life, life more abundantly.  He can give them guidance, give them hope and a strength they will need when the world becomes too harsh.  He can and will be a refuge from the storms.  We can pray for their eyes and ears to be opened to what God is trying to do in their lives this very minute. 

They will go their way,just as I did when I left home.  But I know the foundation I have tried to build into their lives will be the one thing that keeps them from turning left.  The foundation of Jesus Christ, not daily habits, not regimented tasks, not traditions built on man’s rules but the Cornerstone of Christianity, God’s Son!  I pray that I have been an example of faithfulness and love to them.  I pray that they will turn to God and trust Him to lead them daily!!!   I pray that they too would become that example to their children!!!! Our jobs are not done when they leave home……


 Mother’s Day 2010           


Galveston Mar 2010

Ben Rachel and Brodie Ohio 2007

Ohio June 2007

14 thoughts on “Spaces, Places and Faces

  1. hi shell, thank you for sharing all this and you are right, as hard as it is initially to cope with an empty nest, it is never really empty

  2. thank you also for your kind comments to me, you know I think that I value you too and see you as a friend and sister in the lord

  3. so irritating to keep have to split comments, but that is wls for you – now. your prayers your advice your encouragement and the love you have shown me, have meant so much to me.

  4. greg is right, we shall overcome together. god bless you and every good wish to you and your daughter as you await the arrival of a new baby, how exciting, nothing quite like it.

  5. Hi Shell, Yes, WLS has been difficult. You have done a good job Shell through it all….Sure, I would like to say more in a comment. But for now we can only leave little tidbits. Thanks for being faithful too and have a wonderful weekend….Greg

  6. Hi there, thanks for shariing this beautiful space, that you have here – nice blog and family photos. Been trying to get around here more and glad to see you. I been here more now than I ever have so must have miss alot of frustrations along the way so not really dismayed. I mean yeah, sure the new wave is challenging but than again change usually is. Hubby says

  7. (Continued)change is good for rolling up and putting it in the bank! Why this hasn\’t gone smoother is beyond me seems WLS could\’ve handle a little better. Sounds like your adjusting well, I always thought that about your kids needing you as they get older-sure need mine too. Train them up…is excellent + lifting up in prayer. Keep up sowin\’ the good seed of faith now, your encouragement is sure appreciated. Enjoyed the wonderful music(\’.\’)

  8. Hi Shell, Thanks for the kind words. It has been a nice ride on Spaces, but It\’s almost unusable now. Many people have left and gone elsewhere. I saw you on facebook today too, but that will never be my real web home. I will stay on Blogger, because it just suits me better 🙂

  9. Glad to see you\’re checking in, I also thought of how the nest isn\’t really empty because we still inhabit it ourselves with our own lives going on – then boomerangs as well! Here working on spaces a bit some blog /photo I need to restore or not we\’ll see.

  10. Being a grandmother is such a blessing! Sounds like you have been busy. I pray that you enjoy your new place and all goes smoothly – for a while at least!

  11. Hi Michelle, It was lovely to catch up on your latest news. Your new place sounds wonderful. Thank you also for sharing such beautiful family photographs. Ben looks a lot like a friend of ours, Michael. God bless you and your family. With love and care from Kerrie. xXx

  12. Hi Shell, We are holding on in WLS. I’m believing it will come around. Especially, this comment dilemma. Sometimes we need more than a few words. Yes, I can turn over a few religious carts. But those who know me well, know that I don’t mix words. Just share how God made me. He does keep refining me too. Thanks for being a long time faithful blog bud, Greg

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