Love That Comes From Ashes!

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes,

the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;

that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD,

that he might be glorified. 

Isaiah 61:3



There is so much going on in my life right now I don’t even know where to start.  First of all, I am still looking for a house.  When I began in March to look online at the Real Estate Site for my area I saw house after house up for lease within my price range.  I was excited to start but my current lease was not up till June 1 so it was still too early to actively search.  Some events took place that allowed me to begin my search in April but as soon as I contacted a realtor to help me the available houses went off the market.  Houses are going like hotcakes.  As soon as I would see one it would be gone before I could even look at it. 

I probably was able to look at only four houses in the last several weeks.  Today I had five on my list.  I went to the first one and when I arrived my realtor told me the others had been rented.  While I was looking at the last one someone put a contract on it…so I did not even have time to apply.  Several hours later she called to say she had two houses to look at.  So we went and looked…they were available.  Both were nice and about the same price.  But one was in the school zone that I desired for the boys.  The house was about $100 less than the one I had looked at early and it was in much better condition than the one taken earlier in the day.  The blessing is I liked the layout of this house better!  So I immediately put in the application.   Now I must wait the weekend to find out if I am approved.  Can’t say I know what the Lord will do here so I am just waiting and trusting!

On another front in my life I am discovering some wonderful things about myself and God.  He has brought me through some really painful things these many years.  Many I have shared with you over these past few years here on WLS.  I began 2010 sharing with you the vision I was asking God for.  I made the list and began to pray over it.  I spent some days and nights giving it to God and seeking Him in His Word as to what He might have on His mind.  What I did not expect was that He would do something so incredible that not even I can hardly believe it.  The very things I prayed about year after year are coming to pass in my heart.  Grief has vanished.  Heartache is a distant memory. The tears are not falling for loss or hurt but for fullness and joy.  It is a personal and private thing.  I would not say it is a mountain top experience but a indescribable peace to the depths of my soul.  He has allowed me to be useful in several close friends lives.  He has blessed me with a wisdom I have never known that I contained.  I am not bragging because it is not of me but Him.  To be able to be a channel of love to those around me is something so unbelievably satisfying.  To walk in His Word and understand that the precepts work when applied is even more overwhelming when you see the impact that is made to a life in need of love. 

To hear my daughter laugh and giggle about finding out the gender of her child is giving me pause.  Pause, to praise God for the miracle.  Not just the miracle of new life but the miracle of a being privileged enough to witness a daughter become a mother.  To be able rekindle a long lost friendship has reminded me of not only where I came from but how far I have come and grown as a person, as a woman.  To find love in my heart for those who have hurt me and to pray a simple prayer for them has made my heart smile.  To know that God is opening a new door of opportunities for myself, many of my close friends and family is cause for celebration.  To see the beauty in life and the journey is a moment in time I do not want to forget.  To share the scripture that God has used to heal my wounds with those who are struggling with theirs brings a sigh to my soul.  I know that this is only a season and seasons do not often last long.  But I am relishing in the light of the Son.  I am overflowing with a intimate love for Him that I have never known.  A love that has come from the ashes. 

There are several other wonderful things I could talk about but will save them for a later time!  When God has made the paths clear to me, the ones still left on my list!  We serve an awesome God who saves, loves and raises up for His glory!!!

May each of you that have honored me by your visit experience God in such a way!!!

grace to you


12 thoughts on “Love That Comes From Ashes!

  1. Life is certainly discover on a multi level.Never sit and wait for a clear path, always move forward is what I say!

  2. hi shell, great scripture, great blog, god bless all that you do and write and share face to face with others. have a great weekend and week ahead, hugs – nita.

  3. I look at the shells on the top of your space and think of Sea Shells. Your new name.. What a wonderful post full of wisdom. I can say I have been in a place where you have too a few times. . You do have a full life and many things to be grateful for. We all do but at time it seems to leave only to come back. No one is perfect or exempt to anything we both know .Love the Scriputre you shared. My Mom loved the book of Isaiah too. Have a most beautiful day.

  4. Excellent scripture you have there at the top of your post Michelle. I have a firm belief that though the promise tarry it shall come to us as we continue to have faith in God. Marvelous things are ahead of you I have no doubt. I can imagine your excitement over have a grandchild…it surely is a privelege to be involved in that process. May God continue to bless you in an even great measure.

  5. Thanks Carol….it has been a long time in coming…but it seems sometimes as if the waiting and heartache almost never happend! That is the most incredible part!!!

  6. This was pure joy for me to read Shell. The feeling I know well, and knowing somewhat of what you have overcome, I chill with His Spirit and amazing grace. And you say I have a way with words….a gift you share with bountiful light yourself. Now, I have pause to pray and smile. Very, very proud of you as a mother, woman, friend and sister in Christ. Love ya girl. Smile bunches for me too.J.W.L.

  7. What a joy to read Shell. An absolute joy. Those are the things that make happiness in my life as well..and when they are there, you can\’t help praising Him and sharing the joy.

  8. hi shell, pleased to find you still on here, can you fathom what is happening here? it seems to get more weird by minute – have a good weekend, hope to find you still here next week – god bless – nita

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