On bended knees. . .

I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. 

They have clung to me all my life.  ~Abraham Lincoln



I don’t remember my mother really ever praying for me, a little girl, but she did dress my sister and I up for church on Sunday morning and sent us down the street to a little Baptist church.  There I heard bible stories and sang songs.  I remember thinking, later as an adult, that she must have thought it important for us to learn about God.  And that was my introduction.   I would be witnessed to over the years as I grew into an adult but I did not receive Jesus as my Savior until 1992.  I had two children of my own at that time.  As a side note, my mother came to know Jesus several years before me so she became an example to me when I came to know Him myself!

The Love that tucked us in, the hopes whispered behind closed doors, your name in her heart, your needs in folded hands, tomorrow’s foundations built on bended knees… a mother’s prayers is always heard.

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. Psalm 18:32

Growing up I never really thought about what it meant to be a mother. The only thing I ever remember thinking and saying out loud is that I wanted to have two children. One boy and one girl. Even in my little head I wanted everything in my world to be balanced. As I became a young woman, I remember still wanting the same thing. A boy and a girl. In my head it never went farther than that. I don’t even think I ever really thought of the children I would have as babies. They were always thought of as young children. I can’t tell you why that was but I can tell you that when God gave me a boy and then a girl I was completely happy and content.

Of course my life did not go as I had planned. My marriage suddenly without notice dissolved. My son was 2 years old and I was seven months pregnant with my daughter when my husband of three years left me for another woman. There was so much bittersweet at that time. My husband was leaving and my daughter was arriving. She was my “salvation” so to speak. She kept me going forward because I had to bring her into the world. Had to give her a home. I had be a mother to her. She was born in 1990 and it was then, having just had my world turned upside down, that I realized I could not raise my children on my own. I took another job with the Air Force and they moved me to another state so I would for all intent and purposes be ‘on my own.’ I knew that I needed God in my life. I knew that some how, some way, I would need something higher than myself to help me do a job I had never intended to do alone.

I remember saying to God one day right before moving, that when I got settled in my new home I would do three things. I would quit smoking (terrible habit that I wanted to quit for the sake of my children), potty train my son who was at the appropriate age and go back to church. God took me at my word. I did the first two easily enough but He helped me out on the last one.

My neighbor had invited me to go to church. Her church had a singles group that she thought I would fit very well in. And she was right. I threw myself into it. I took my two little children to church with me, took them to every activity the church had for little ones and for our adult class (they always had a nursery). It was a very short time during that first year that I came to know my Lord and Savior.

I was learning so much about walking with God. I still had a lot of pain in my life from the divorce so I was a walking, wounded soul. I did everything to throw myself into being the best mother I could be. I planned fun things for us to do as a family. I spent every free minute playing with them and teaching them songs and stories. I won’t pretend it wasn’t hard, because it was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done. I have even had to be a “single parent” again with four children many years later which has been even more difficult because of circumstance.

Throughout all the years since becoming a Christian, I have learned the best tool that God has given me is prayer. He has given me a prayer in a moment of chaos, a moment of crisis, a moment of my own ignorance, a moment of discovering my mistakes, a moment of gratefulness, a moment of joy and a moment of getting victory.

One of the first verses I memorized was Philippians 4:6-8 because it told me exactly what would happen if I prayed. And as single mother, I needed all the help I could get. 

 Praying God’s Word: For a woman

who wants to be a better Mother!

“Her children arise up, and call her blessed”

Proverbs 31:28

Heavenly Father, it is my strong desire to be the kind of mother whose children will one day rise up and call me blessed.1 Help me to train them up in the way that they should go so that when they are older they will not depart from your ways.2 Give my children the grace to receive your sayings as I teach them so that they will have longevity.3 So work in their lives, dear Father, that they will attend to your word and incline their ears to your sayings.4

Show, them I pray, the importance of studying your Word so that they will be able to rightly divide your truth, workers who will never know shame because they are approved by you.5 Give me great compassion for my children,6 so that I will truly understand them. Help me to raise them up in your nurture and admonition, 7 dear Father. Fill me with your Spirit, Father, so that I will walk in love, patience, and all the fruit of the Spirit in my relationships with my children.8

Help me to provide well for my children,9 and be a good example to them at all times.10 How I thank you for my children, Father, because they are such a rich inheritance that you have given to me.11 I will have no greater joy than that of hearing that my children are walking in truth.12

Bring that to pass, dear Father, and thank you for helping me to be the best mother possible. I pray and thank you , Father in the wonderful name of Jesus.13 Amen.

(1) Proverbs 31:28; (2) Proverbs 22:6 (3) Proverbs 4:10 (4) Proverbs 4:20;

(5) 2 Timonthy2:15; (6) Isaiah 49:15 (7) Ephesians 6:4 (8) Galatians 5:22-23

(9)2 Corinthians 12:14 (10) 1 Timothy 4:12 (11) Psalms 127:3 (12) 3 John 4

(13) John 16:23

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4 thoughts on “On bended knees. . .

  1. I think that the cry of a mother\’s heart is something God gives special attention to. There\’s so many scriptures that show this is true and my own mother prayer so much for me and her mother in turn brought us all to the Lord. I have a great respect for that influence in my own life and I\’m sure your children will indeed rise and call you blessed. This is not a thing about our natural circumstance but the recognition of God\’s divine intervention. Bless you my friend. Happy Mother\’s Day…one day early.

  2. happy mothers day shell. great blog and it is encouraging to read joe\’s comment below about the cry of a mother\’s heart being something god gives special attention to. I am sure that applies to grandmothers too – for that, both as a mother and grandmother, who has done more than her fair share of crying out to him from the heart, I am truly thankful – I pray god richly blesses you and your children – nita.

  3. Happy Mothers Day Shell. It was my Mom who lead me to Christ and yet I remember as a small child he called me way before that. Funny how we remember somethings when we need them most. Both my kids were gifts from God even if they didnt grown inside my body they are mine and they are his. Great blog as always. I love the family photos.Your a blessing.Lisa

  4. You did add some scriptured to this blog that have stayed with me. Thank you.Thanks for stopping. I guess you see the crown of thorns also in my blog . There is some beauty in it as what he gave up for all of to have.Have a beautiful dayLisa xo

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