He Said He Would Do A New Thing: Still Waiting :)

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.  Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.  Isaiah 43:18-20



Life can be so ironic.  You start out with a dream and then set out to make it come true or at least hope that it will come true on its own.  Sometimes we are surprised when it does come true especially without any help from us.  Does anything ever happen by accident?  I don’t believe so.  I think that we all have a hand in the direction our lives go by the choices we make.  But I also believe that there is a divine hand that places the choices in our lives and then turns the path toward a divine purpose. 

Did you ever see the movie made in 1992 called “Forever Young”?  It starred Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Isabel Glasser & Elijah Wood.  It was about a 1939 test pilot asks his best friend to use him as a guinea pig for a cryogenics experiment. Daniel McCormick wants to be frozen for a year so that he doesn’t have to watch his love lying in a coma. The next thing Daniel knows is that he’s been awoken in 1992.  After meeting Elijah Wood, a little boy living with his single mom, he begins to search for his friend who put him into the frozen state.  He learns that his friend died in a fire while also learning that the love of his life did not die and is still alive.  As his body is rapidly aging he finds his way to her.  The very end of the movie you see this very old man laying eyes on this very old woman and it is as if they never parted. 

What was the irony?  Was it that two people, who loved each other and wanted to spend their life together, ended up being separated for 53 years only to be reunited at the end of their life.  How long do you think they had together?  Was the few days they had before and after the long time apart worth any time they spent together at all?  Another ironic side to the story is that as he chose to become frozen, she was waking up from her coma.  She lived her life while he lay on ice.  While I know this is only a movie, as a child of God, we can take a lesson from it, that no matter the direction of our lives take we will always end up where God has planned!  Throughout time people have been separated for a myriad of reasons only to find each other many, many years later.  Are they to feel as if their years were wasted?  Or are they feeling blessed that they once again have a chance to be together? 

I liken this to spending years with someone building a home, a family, a life, only to have it fall apart with a word.  You look back at photos and wonder what to do with all the memories.  The pain you feel at the loss does not allow you to remember beyond the moment.  You box them up and put them away.  And spend the next few years putting it all out of your mind.  Then as you pick up the pieces you might one day open the box and pick out a handful of photos.  It is then you have to decide whether you can keep the pictures or get rid of them.  Are the memories worth saving or are they too difficult to keep?

What if God is working through all of it?  What if He is weaving something so beautiful that you could never even imagine the outcome.  He says He brings beauty from ashes.  He says He works all things together for good, to them who love Him, to them who are called according to His purpose.  Why would He bring someone into your life that would choose to hurt you and leave?  Why would He bring someone into your life that would choose to betray you?  What could He possibly do with all of that?  How does He turn it all around for good?  How does He take the memories and lost time to weave a beautiful tapestry?

Why does a child have to live without their parents when they are kidnapped and kept by monster, only to be reunited 18 years later?  Why does a parent have to miss out on their child’s life when the other parent takes the child and walks away from the family?  Why does a woman who gives up a baby for adoption spend the next 20 years looking into the face of every 20 year old she sees?  Why does a man spend his life working to provide for his family only to have his family leave him because he worked all the time? Does it ever balance out? 

Is God testing us or waiting for us to turn to Him?  God allowed Satan to test Job.  Job is one of the most ironic stories in God’s Word.  He loses everything only to get back double that he had before.  But what about the years of pain and loss? Was the blessings He received later in life worth the loss?  Maybe “worth” is the wrong word.  One can not place a price on what one loses.  So how do we say it?  Did the blessings make up for all that was loss?  Is that possible?  Abraham did not lay eyes onto the son God promised him until he was very, very old.  But when he did, can you imagine the love that swelled from his heart, years falling away?  What about Moses?  He ran away from Egypt and ended up living in the desert for 40 years until God told him to deliver the Hebrews, his brethren, from slavery. Do you think those years in the desert crossed his mind when he saw God’s mighty power divide the sea and deliver his people.   Joseph was sold into slavery, became a prison inmate before Pharaoh made second in command.  The power of forgiveness that melted away years of tears and heartache when Joseph hugged his brothers for the first time since they sold him.  Are you seeing a theme here?

I had a thought the other day.  Maybe God is going to do that in my life.  Maybe all the years I have spent in the wilderness, grieving pain and loss, will become filled with laughter and a filled heart. Maybe he has turned the choices I regret into meaningful roads.  Maybe, just maybe, He is going to give birth to something new in my life.  Maybe He is going to deliver me from this lonely life. Maybe He is going appoint unto me oil for gladness.  Maybe he will allow the years of tears and heartache to melt away through the power of forgiveness.  Maybe He will allow me to finally meet the love of my life.  Maybe He will purpose the dreams, long ago frozen in time, to come alive again, and come true.  Maybe.

Maybe I won’t recognize it when it comes because I will be too overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness to ever remember how hard it was waiting on His promises. Like when they finally lay the new born babe into your arms, all the pain of birth disappears as you look into your childs’ face for the very first time. Just maybe.

A few things have changed since my last post with the exception that I am still looking for a home to rent.  Living arrangements have changed temporarily a bit due to some conflicts that were very, very stressful (long story).  I closed my E-harmony account (nothing came of that – looks as if that door is closed), my mother became very ill and gave a scare to the family, I learned of some disheartening news that caused some old thoughts and feelings to come to the surface (hence the blog), God provided some extra finances through a wonderful, generous person in my life for moving and last but not least,  I have found myself somewhat perplexed by the direction my life seems to not be going in (not sure how to explain this one, will get back to this at a later time) And I went really, really blonde, thanks to my daughter…lol

I will continue to love Him….I am praying I won’t have to wait too much longer.  I covet your prayers.

grace to you


7 thoughts on “He Said He Would Do A New Thing: Still Waiting :)

  1. You have again written words that touch my heart and soul. You really have a gift . I love the Scripture you started with . I love it and had forgotten how much until I read it again just now. You covered so many things here Shell. Thank you for sharing . Your a blessing to me and many.Lisa

  2. Job and Abraham are both excellent examples to us I believe. Job lost it all…and I do mean all and yet even after this he was chided by his friends and even God though in the end God said he didn\’t give up his faith and for that he was blessed in the end. Abraham was willing to give up the most precious gift he\’d ever been given in Isaac and through God\’s reply to that we knew he was deadly serious about all that but in the end there\’s that ram in the thicket! I know that\’s out there for you my friend. Prayers are still going out to you.

  3. hi shell this is very thought provoking. my thoughts and prayers are with you. as lisa says you have covered a lot of ground, you have also shared much of yourself and drawn us back to god\’s word. – guess our liives on this earth are sometimes beyond explanation and guess we dont always realise what we are saying when we ask to be like christ totally, suffering plays a large part in that doesn\’t it. – take care and hang on in there – hugs – nita.

  4. p.s. the sticky plaster and patch speaks loudly to me, I sometimes ask in my prayers when I am at a low ebb, for some pain killers, patches and sticky plasters along with tranquillisers. all of a spiritul nature provided by my lord.

  5. I noticed you have a few sites going . My Space, FB ect.. Have you seen Scapblog.com. All kinds of Ideas. I tried it and did like it. May do more next winter I just dont know. Its worth it to have a look at . Very easy to use as well.Have a great night Shell.

  6. Oh Michelle, to read this today 11/23/12 and to see the beauty of you and Pete back together! Oh what joy! The moment I met you, I loved you. I was broken hearted when you and Pete broke up. To see what God has done now and to see how prophetic this post is! —-Look What the Lord has Done! He healed my body, he touched my mind, He changed me just in time!—Tears of joy are the oil that heals the broken in spirit. Love, Sherry

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