New Year, New life and New Hope!

 A new profile pic…
Christmas 1992 Ironton, Missouri
Michelle holding Alexandra, Mom holding Benjamin and Grandma Pope

Happy, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope the holidays were good to you.  My last post I had stated that I had no expectations of what lay ahead…I just sat back and waited to see what God would do.  He never lets us down for sure.  It was peaceful and contained a few surprises.  I enjoyed the time off work and am so very grateful for His provisions!!!!

I have a few new post I am working on.  I have been very reflective these past few months.  I guess there is a time to sit back and listen before we speak and I am pretty sure that is what it has been for me.  I have always wanted to use my blog as a means to share my walk with God, my victories and failures in hopes of connecting with others.  Perhaps being an encouragement!  So when words do not come I take it as a sign from God to just sit and listen.  Most often I pray before I write, while I write and after I post.  I don’t want anything I say to become a stumbling block to others but to the contrary, to edify. 

I did not set a New Years resolutions this year…I just prayed that I would please God in every area of my life.  With no compromises, no deviations!  2009 was a renewing of sorts for me, I believe to prepare me for big things in 2010.  I am excited for what lays ahead.  February will be 5 years since my life took a turn….the life I knew before that is a distant memory that does not hold the pain it once did.  The sting returns in a flash at times but no longer lingers.  That is a praise to God.  He is bringing beauty back into my life, as He promised!  Not in tangible things but in my mind and spirit.  Maybe that will come through my words that He gives me to share…we shall see!!!

Anyway I will keep this short as I have some things for later…
In the mean time be well and keep warm!!!
Grace to you

2 thoughts on “New Year, New life and New Hope!

  1. It\’s really good to hear from you. I understand the wait and see stance believe me. Our \’09 ended on a difficult note and what\’s more it followed us into \’010. Mom fell and broke her ankle yesterday and our house has been plaqued with a nasty flu that has settled in the lungs so it is not easy but through it all I believe God has a plan for us and nothing can stop it. Beauty for ashes my friend. God bless you.

  2. Shell, was so good to hear from you again! Thank you so much for your visit and heartfelt comment. I am so glad you are doing well and looking forward to 2010. I wish you the Best New Year ever! May God always shine a light on your path and keep you@ yours safe. Bless u

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