Prayers for Ft Hood and our nation

I am heart broken over the shooting at Ft Hood, Texas…being a veteran and having lived on military installations all over the world I can tell you "this family" will prevail…their strength lies in numbers, in each other…but it will take them a very long time to heal.  My prayers are going out to them all. 

“Almighty God lay your hand upon those who are grieving, give them a strength only you can give, a calm in the midst of the storm.  Give comfort and especially grace, please father?  Bring some good out of this, as you promise to those who love you.  Give understanding where confusion lies!  And finally, Lord, help us all to forgive and love those who are very difficult to love.  In Jesus precious name, Amen!”

I don’t usually vent like this, especially in public but I think the indignation of such an act calls for it…so if you don’t agree, God bless & thank you for stopping by anyway.  I pray for my heart to forgive and be compassionate towards others during this time of unbelief but I like, Carol L, am very angry…and I want to scream to the world "wake up you stinking liberal idiots”

The one thing I despise is the talk of red flags…there is always red flags…I have some personal experience with that.  Everyone knows, everyone sees but no one speaks up until it is too late.   You want to talk red flags, you want to ask why someone didn’t see the red flags?  Where exactly would red flag information be sent to and put together so that we might know the danger lurking around us?  They are telling us there were red flags, of that I am sure but the red flags did not get centralized therefore the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing.   Then the media spends hours and hours after the tragedy wondering why no one put it together.  I got an idea why doesn’t the media hire a team to monitor red flags all over the country and then we wouldn’t have to hear for hours why no one put it together…yes I am being facetious!

I can give you my very biased opinion that may not sit well with many but if you think about how the current administration is taking the “centralization”  apart, line by line.  They have taken apart every measure of security that the previous administration spent years putting into place and now many lives are going to be lost because of it.  For the sake of not infringing on another’s civil rights. This tragic shooting will be the future of things to come when they do not allow the monitoring of everyone.  Personally I would not care if my privacy was compromised for the sake of saving lives.  If I wasn’t doing anything wrong then I would not have anything to worry about, right?

It is a senseless tragedy that only goes to prove how vulnerable we are as a country.  If a man, who was a member of our uniformed services can bring weapons into a place where no weapons should be, what makes us think we are any safer today than we were after 911?  Yes, he not only had mental issues but he was born right here in America, among us.  And in the end, his last words were that of religion bent to destroy every non believer in the world.  I don’t believe it was as much his religion that drove him to commit such heinous act but a warped frame of mind that comes from hate, fear and selfishness.  It came from a man who was ungrateful for a nation that gave him a career to feed his belly.  If this does not wake up those who think that we can keep being tolerant at the cost of our countrymen’s lives then we are indeed doomed. 

As a Christian, who still lives in a Christian nation, I still believe God is on the throne and good overcomes evil in the end…in the mean time it seems God may be giving America up to its own wicked ways…and we are reaping the whirlwind!

Christians we need to pray, NOW, and keep praying!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Prayers for Ft Hood and our nation

  1. You\’re not rubbing me the wrong way with this my friend, not one bit. Prayers are certainly needed and they will surely go out as well, thank you and God bless you.

  2. I wasn\’t finding my footing in praying for our president, for this nation until I prayed that God would still bring the purposes and plans that He had in mind for this nation to pass – that they would not be aborted. And then I felt the peace and presence of God.

  3. Shell, I\’ll join you in praying for the dead and injured. My political bias, based on very personal experiences with the Bush regime, are vastly different than those expressed here so I\’ll just leave it at that.

  4. As with RM, I will also leave my politcal views out of this as they differ from yours, but As a member of a family with over 27 veterans, 3 currently active, I join in praying for the dead, the wounded and all their families.

  5. It\’s so hard to pray for this administration but we are told to in His Word. This administration is here because He ordained it. God help me to desire to pray for them and not speak ill of them.Thank you so much for serving. gail

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