My Texas Grandma & Sister in the Lord!

A few nights ago a dear sweet lady went home to be with the Lord and reunited with her husband.  He was her childhood sweetheart and oh how she loved him…She was 76 and had a smile to light up a room.  She was the kind of woman that did not mince words and she never had a conversation that she did not mention Jesus. When she lost her husband it was heartbreaking to see her
grieving for him so.

All the kids loved her because she was so full of sweetness and unconditional love for them.  She would bring bags of candy to church sometimes and along with a hug she would hand it out to the kids.  She always hugged my neck and asked about my kids.  She had words of wisdom to give me at every turn and I listened and paid heed. And it was because of her wisdom the Lord used her to intervene for my children and I.   When I was going through a difficult time she prayed for me and called me and even invited my children and I over to spend time with her at her home.  She was my Texas grandmother because all my family lives in

I remember one particular evening we sat for hours pouring through her photo albums showing me pictures of her and her family when she was younger…she just glowed with love & pride…She adopted my kids basically, especially my two older kids who were having a tough time of it…she spent time with them, she would call and ask them to come spend the day and they would.  She comforted them and made them feel safe when they so needed it.  I adored her for that…She never missed a church service until her health kept her from coming.  One time years ago she had been laid up at home struggling with some health issues for quite some time…the first Sunday she was able to come to church she was so happy to be there in the Lord’s house…she even danced down the isle…I wrote about it because it was the day I began healing myself…it was one the first few blog post I wrote…even to this day I can see her smiling, raising her hands and going down the isle.  I bet she is doing that in heaven today!!!!  I attended her funeral today and they played a song that was very fitting for her…When I Get Where I Am Going by Brad Paisley

I love you and miss you Mrs. Jahnke!

taken July 2008 at CrossBridge Church on her 75th birthday

July 31, 2006

Holy Spirit sweeps through…

happened at church…I sensed the Holy Spirit sweep across the room
like a gentle breeze!  A sweet old lady in our church who has been
grieving the loss of her husband for several years was smiling and
singing…she was clapping her hands.  She danced up the aisle to hug
and kiss the song leader…She was acutally glowing with love for the
Lord.  I couldn’t stop the smile that spread across my face.  I hadn’t
been able to move past my pain and just listen to the music. To worship
Him without remembering the disappointments.  But it happened. I made
the choice to heal, to let God have His way in all of it.  I stepped
out, I greeted others, hugged them and was genuinely free to express my
joy at being in my church.  The music flowed and it seemed to me that
everyone was smiling and singing…What a day of rejoicing! And we
haven’t even got to Heaven yet!
It’s all about Him
Grace to you,

12 thoughts on “My Texas Grandma & Sister in the Lord!

  1. Hey back at ya Michelle! :-)…thanks. It\’s very hot here too amidst the heavy rains.God\’s Peace to you.Adrian

  2. Thanks for visiting my space and leaving the nice comments. I\’m sorry to hear about the passing on, of your friend. She sounds like such an interesting and nice person.Bye for now,Donna

  3. People like that are real pillars in our life. My dear old grandma on my mom\’s side was like that. She was the sweetest lady in the world yet she had real iron in her spirit. I appreciate this tribute my friend, it\’s beautiful.

  4. Hello Michelle,You can even see God’s glory shining from Mrs. Jahnke in the picture you shared with us. She’s looking even brighter now in heaven. Thank you for sharing that glimpse back to 2006.I honored that you would read my blog entry twice.As per your message on Blog Pad a few days ago…I’m a procrastinator too…With certain things. But I have gotten a lot better over the last ten years. I guess…I know if I just “get-r-done” than I don’t have to think about it any longer.We are in store for a perfect weather weekend here in the Ozarks with a church BBQ Saturday…Sweet!You have an awesome weekend too…Greg

  5. Thankyou for sharing your experience with your Grandmother. You are so fortunate. I think of mine all the time. She was an amazing woman and I refer to her advice and strength daily. I miss her very much, Jilly

  6. Life gives us special people. God gives us His Son. Combined with the Holy Spirit we can all dance in the aisle of His perfect reunion. Sorry for your loss but rejoice at your willingness to share this wonderful sisterhood.J.W.L.

  7. I\’m on the verge of tears as I read this…People like this are rare…rare indeed…and a total gift from Above.I know you miss her.My thoughts and prayers are with you.Love you!

  8. Hi Shell,I\’m sorry to hear about your friends passing on, but now she is in a better place and we will all stand there together one day!

  9. Michelle,Well I just finished reading your blog and what a great woman she was and what a great person you are for loving her so much God Bless you in every way!!!

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