This Is The Song I Was Talking About. . .

I don’t have much to say right now…my life is kind of just floating along.  Have you ever been in a place where you just don’t know what to think about, dream about or pray about?  Although I don’t have much trouble in knowing what to pray for minute by minute, I am talking of more to do with my future…you know like making plans? Vacations, more education, self improvement like getting in shape or saving money, etc.  I just can’t get focused on any of those things, I am very hesitant to do so.  I want to because I don’t like not having anything to look forward to.  I used to be good at making plans but not any more…to many times the plans fall through.  I am just in the here and now…the good news is I am not looking back too much any more.  I think this is a good thing!  

I guess I would describe it like this…I am sitting on the beach, watching the ocean roll in, small waves, one after another falling onto the shore…no thoughts in my head, time does not matter and I have no where to be.  Maybe this is what they call daydreaming….Smile
Oh yes and Jesus is sitting next to me in silence!


I found this on You Tube and had to share it! When I posted my blog I
could not find it anywhere….click on the link to read the
words…absolutely an amazing song! Enjoy! 


You all have a wonderful summer…
Grace to you

9 thoughts on “This Is The Song I Was Talking About. . .

  1. What a beautiful video, it made me cry.I don\’t have any plans either Shell. The plans are all God\’s. He knows what they are. I\’m just living one day at a time and when the Lord wants to reveal his plans for me I will know. I am happy just to BE, waiting, with him by my side.Grace and peace to youPrincess xxx

  2. hi shell, enjoyed your song, thank you for sharing – I am sort of floating too, just floating, in deep waters still a lot of the time. but like you I do feel Jesus is there beside me. I don\’t understand what has happened to me of late, but maybe as c.w.lewis said, the lord is having to use his megaphone to make me listen. still dont think I am hearing right, but guess it will come, in his time not mine. my grandson callum is having a very troubled time, please continue to remember him in your prayers. is your son home with you now? take care and god bless – nita.

  3. "Life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans." I love those moments when I can just be still and taking everything around my in with all of my senses. I taught my son to do that when he was only 10 and disrupted by his ADD. Whe were just sitting by the shore, clearing our minds of "noise" and taking in peace. We both put it into our memory for when either would find ourselves disregulated. I even told him to remind me, when he could sense my head was geting a little too busy and overwhelming. To this day, even though we live in different states, we remind each other of that special time that somehow returns our focus.

  4. Girl, you sound totally depressed. I know all the symptoms first hand and they suck. A visit to the dr is in order… and a ton of good doses of prayer and this amazing music. I opened your page about an hour ago and just been letting the music blare through the house. Makes me feel not so sad and alone. I am wasted away on Vicadin right now so excuse the typos etc. It should have knocked me out but it didn\’t this time. Wide awake but extremely dizzy. No fun. Now back to the tunes but want to say i love you before I go. Love you lots, Liz

  5. Hey Shell…Yep…Watching our boy’s play football is fun. But then they have to do all the work. Oh!!! To be young again. They do take high school football pretty seriously in Texas and Missouri is starting to kind of be the same way too…I have to admit I kind of liked thinking about “Tweets” on my last blog entry. It was fun and interesting. But I’ll stick to writing.From reading what you shared sounds like it is time to just be quiet. That can be a good thing too…My faith seems to grow during those type of seasons of searching.Have a nice weekend…Greg

  6. Life can certainly be that way sometimes can\’t it? We\’ve had some amazing things come up recently and it looked good but now there\’s a real struggle over it. I think godliness with contentment is great gain…no matter what it looks like. Anyway, I\’ve missed hearing from you my friend.

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