This Is The Song I Was Talking About. . .

I don’t have much to say right now…my life is kind of just floating along.  Have you ever been in a place where you just don’t know what to think about, dream about or pray about?  Although I don’t have much trouble in knowing what to pray for minute by minute, I am talking of more to do with my future…you know like making plans? Vacations, more education, self improvement like getting in shape or saving money, etc.  I just can’t get focused on any of those things, I am very hesitant to do so.  I want to because I don’t like not having anything to look forward to.  I used to be good at making plans but not any more…to many times the plans fall through.  I am just in the here and now…the good news is I am not looking back too much any more.  I think this is a good thing!  

I guess I would describe it like this…I am sitting on the beach, watching the ocean roll in, small waves, one after another falling onto the shore…no thoughts in my head, time does not matter and I have no where to be.  Maybe this is what they call daydreaming….Smile
Oh yes and Jesus is sitting next to me in silence!


I found this on You Tube and had to share it! When I posted my blog I
could not find it anywhere….click on the link to read the
words…absolutely an amazing song! Enjoy! 


You all have a wonderful summer…
Grace to you