Bragging on Brodie & his peeps


I have been sorting pictures and making a scrapbook album called “Grandmother’s Album”  kind of like I did for the album I made with all my children in it…called it “Mother’s Album”.  I am so excited to put all the pictures of Brodie’s two and half years.  He is precious.  There are pics in this slide show of all his grandparents and some of his aunts and uncles.  I could only put so many in the slide…but it is worth looking at…He is just too cute!!!  I love being a grandmother…..Red heart

8 thoughts on “Bragging on Brodie & his peeps

  1. Does he know how wonderful his mother is?….grin. Shell, you are a loyal and trusted friend. I thank you for your notes, thoughts, and prayers. Know that you and family remain in my prayers as well. I\’ll keep you posted on my health. BTW, I did a scrapbook for my mom a few years back. It is a treasure to her….glad I did it. Continue smiling and loving and giving as only you can do. I\’m one man very glad to be your brother in Christ. I\’ll be seeing you on the narrow road.John

  2. Good Monday Michelle…I can’t imagine having my grandbaby so far away. It may be time for some video conferences eh? That photo albums will make great keepsakes.I see you are sending your thunderstorms up our way… Kaboom!!! Wind blowing and lots of rain.You all be well down there near Houston…Greg

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