After thought to Goodnight Sweetheart….

This is an afterthought to my recent post
Goodnight Sweetheart

I was writing it I began to cry a little remembering how hard things
were for me raising my kids alone.  Remembering good things sometimes
brings up the bad, I am not sure why that is but I can imagine that is
where the saying "bittersweet" comes from. 

One of the
memories was my first divorce and how it all came about.  It has been
about 19 years since.  I can hardly believe it was half a life time
ago.  Anyway a few days have passed since writing that post and a few
more thoughts have come to mind..

First, I am so grateful for
the Lord coming into my life.  I look back and on the way I handled
things and cringe.  While some of what I experienced was difficult to
be sure and I was pregnant (hormone galore) I so wished I had just kept
my mouth shut.  I wish I had accepted the loss and not reacted.  I wish
that I had the wisdom to keep my dignity in tact.  And so with God’s
love came forgiveness…forgiveness of myself and others for all that
occurred.  There has been great peace in my life and heart for that
gift of forgiveness.

Second, they say that what does not kill
you only makes you stronger.  I am not so sure about that but I do know
that I did not die.  My heart died, to some extent, but again with God,
there has been healing and restoration to that end.  I can say that
because of that pain I have more compassion on others.  Others who
suffer heartache from divorce, loss or betrayal.  I firmly believe in
the saying "but for grace there go I"….

Back then I did not
know that I would endure things far worse by comparison in the future
but as with God, He worked all things together for my good.  It seems
that when one loses another wins but if we trust God we do not have to
look at life that way we can just know that one day, in Heaven, none of
this will matter throughout eternity. 

Grace to you all


6 thoughts on “After thought to Goodnight Sweetheart….

  1. oh what a lovely picture – so full of peace, colour, serenity, the bridge of hope and calm waters comes to mind. shell to those you have suffered much, much grace is given. you are an inspiration as you share both your suffering and the grace with others. may god bless and keep you always. hugs – nita.

  2. I\’ve been divorced 19 years too. So hard to believe!God is our best teacher on not beating ourselves up over the things we did in the past that we look back on and cringe…He only thinks on His thoughts of good and not of evil for us and only works in us that expected end He has ordained. He washes us in the water of His word so that we do not have to remain a prisoner of the things we are ashamed of. As we take on His eternal perspective we realize there are no winners in sin. There are no exceptions to this rule: people\’s sins will eventually find them out no matter who they are and what they think they have gotten away with. Sowing to the flesh means of the flesh reaping corruption but sowing the the Spirit means of the Spirit reaping life everlasting. The wages of sin is always, always, always death. The good news is, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! My pastor says this a lot: Eternal life is not just a quantity of time but a quality of life. For who would want to live eternally in misery? No one! Not in this life nor in the life that is to come!But thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus!Love ya!!! 🙂

  3. This blog is wonderful, and I think I have subscribed to it… not really sure. I love the way you write, and the things you write about. Well done! Annabelle

  4. Thank You for your words and such a beautiful picture!When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his futre. Revelation 20:10.

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