Where Am I Or Is This Another Can Of Worms?


Dear MSN Spaces Friends (Network, whatever!)
I was tired but could not sleep last night, so decided to get online and maybe post a blog.  My mind was spinning with a few ideas that had been rolling around in my brain the last couple of days.   I was getting excited about one idea but was having a hard time sorting out the thoughts.  So I signed on and clicked on Hotmail like I always do, then I clicked on Spaces.  All of sudden everything in my head was forgotten.  I wasn’t sure where I was.  Where had everything gone?  It was all scattered.  

was too tired to figure it all out, let alone read anything so after a few minutes of asking “Where am I?”  I just signed off.  I checked it out again this morning for a short time but had a busy day at work and could not spend time investigating.  Now that I have been able to go through some of the pages I am not so sure what I think. There are some things I like but some I don’t.  For one, I feel disconnected from everyone.  Friends I clicked on often are not where I like them to be.  And the message/mail thing, iffy….everything is in a different place and that is not convenient. 
I like the look of the photo albums and the Dynamic Themes on the profile but other than that I am not sure about the rest.  It is definitely a different experience.  I have a Facebook account but don’t much go on there because it is just too much stuff to deal with.  Overwhelmingly annoying.  I like meeting people on there but all the apps drive me crazy.  So I do not spend much time there.  My Space is ok for keeping up with the kids and their pics.  And checking up on music groups I like.  It is pretty easy and I have learned a lot about HTML codes and stuff by using it. 
But MSN felt like home to me.  I felt comfortable here leaving my thoughts and sharing what God gives me from time to time.  It has been a kind of therapy for me.  Helping me to “lay out” the things that are interesting to me in my life.  It’s like taking an assessment of the things that make up my world-the lists.  Being on here has helped me come out of my “shell” (no pun intended)  Starting in 2004, my life spiraled into one devastating event after another for several years.  Between the hurt, grieving, and loss, I couldn’t remember who I was.  I couldn’t figure out what I was about anymore.  I even hit a “mid-life” crisis somewhere in there.  When I first came on here to blog I didn’t see myself as really living.  I was existing, getting through the days.  But the desire of my heart was to stay faithful to God and to keep looking forward knowing that sooner or later things would get better.  I honestly at times, though I would never have a desire to dream again or even have a fulfilling life again.   
As I look back through my past blogs, photos, and lists I created I see how God has used it to help me gain a new sense of a part of myself.  It has given me an outlet to be creative and to re-connect with the world so to speak.  Yes, I know it is the Internet and meeting people online is not the same thing as meeting people face to face but when one’s world changes from one existence to a totally different type of existence it is hard to get outside yourself.  To feel safe again.  The thing is I am a people-person and being an island is most definitely not my thing.   And being a world traveler it often felt like I was traveling again, meeting friends from all over the world.  That is exciting to me.
Kind of like the man in the Count of Monte Cristo.  His whole world is taken from him in one moment and spends years in a prison.  After years of isolation, he makes an unexpected friend who teaches him to grow in knowledge and skills. When he gets his freedom, his world is 180 degrees changed from the life he knew before.  While I have not been in prison, nor am I bitter and want revenge for the losses in my life, I can relate to the 180-degree change.  God has been my friend throughout it all, especially in the loneliest times of my life.  He has taught me to grow in the knowledge of Him and given me skills I never even imagined I would need or use. On here, He has given me an opportunity to share what He has taught me.  He has given me a voice.  And through this voice a new dream.  To be a writer. 

Changes Pictures, Images and Photos

So there are changes on MSN…just like there have been changes in my life, just as there will be changes in the world as the days go by.  I heard a saying once, “Always be flexible so that you will never be bent out of shape!”  And I have truly tried to live by that…it has helped me avoid the stress in stressful situations.  I think the idea is even better stated by King Solomon


Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;
and lean not unto thine own understanding.

 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:5-5

If anyone was wondering where I am, I am standing on His Word, His promise and His merciful love! 
Grace to all you fellow bloggers…


9 thoughts on “Where Am I Or Is This Another Can Of Worms?

  1. hi shell, good blog, glad I found you on here, looks like by the grace of god and lots of prayer mine and amanda\’s move will be going through soon, possibly before christmas, so lots of changes all round. so whilst I will stick with spaces, I will have to put a lot of the changes etc on hold and sort them out best I can until after christmas, whatever, it is confusing. take care god bless, nita.

  2. I hear you.The Lord has used Spaces to move me forward in different ways. When I saw the changes that had been made my first thought was \’oh-oh\’, but change will always be a part of everyone\’s life, no matter how small or big. I almost felt afraid, like you said, disconnected. But I learned how to maneuver spaces before so I can again. And the One who watches over the birds never takes His eye off us. :)Dream BIG and live your dreams to the full.xoxo

  3. Well said my friend, so well said! I know this is a tough transition for many, it surely is for me. I just can\’t bear to be apart from the wonderful people I\’ve met here truthfully. I too have another acount though I\’m more old school in haning out on MySpace but it never was good for much but what you said you use FaceBook for. I dislike the disconnect there seems to be now as well but perhaps this will sort out and end up better than in looks now. No matter what I\’mso thankful for you and who you\’ve been to me here.

  4. Well said…I was considering to blogger but it just does not feel right…One thing I do like on new spaces…I can finally get my project playlist working again. I have been following you for quite awhile and yes…I am a crossroads as well…many times a road I don\’t want to go…but blogging is the best therapy out there! The best thing is you truly are sharing a wonderful message and hope of Christ…please stay here. You are amazing just the way you are. God Bless you this Advent!

  5. Hey Chicky!I tried to say hey on Messenger but it obviously didn\’t go through. I don\’t blame you for staying here. I used to feel the same way as you feel now. I stayed for my friends here, but now I can\’t even keep up with them. For me it has been a blessing in disguise. The push I needed to do something more.I know I am losing a lot of friends over it. (Had 3 already say they would miss me) Hahaha, yeah right they will… that\’s why they can\’t be bothered to click a different link to come see me. But I suppose that\’s a good thing too. I am sure my real friends will stay in touch. The rest, well it does sadden me, but that\’s their choice.I\’ll try and gett Yahoo and AIM working on here again and will let you know my ids for them when I do. I suppose it\’s time for me to say goodbye to Messenger too since I can\’t seem to have an entire conversation on it.Also, I think I am going to get a Facebook account. My kids are on there and I know some spacers are too. I know I said I would keep my space open, but am wondering it i just shouldn\’t delete it and be done with it.Anywas, hugs to you.Chat soon I hope!

  6. Well, great, it is easier to open your space to me now, with this changes.Hi again. Yes, me too, the same feelings with you. I like some of changes, some of others also need some time. I didn\’t discover yet all of the things on spaces. I think I will, day by day.Have a beautiful day, love and peace, Zeynep xx

  7. I know how you felt. I have facebook and myspace accounts as well just to keep up with certain people who don\’t "blog", but msn is where I am myself. I\’m kinda getting used to all the changes. Some are better than others. I just hope that by the time I learn everything they don\’t change it again. 🙂

  8. Well that a very nice and opening blog!I keep my Facebook and Myspace accounts, because I have family and friends that won\’t leave, nor let alone visit me here!Facebook yes, I am always getting so many app invites it drives me crazy and kiddies galore on Myspace.I have other accounts as well, but Live Space feels like a cozy couch and a cup of coffee to me.That why I been trying to add quality friends here. Because I love it here and want so much to stay!I am sure there are "fakes" on here as well, but so far I haven\’t come across any. And no "apps" Thank God and Microsoft! lolHave you looked into Windows Live Writer yet?

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