The Other Side Of The Storm!


Ladies and Gentlemen


I wanted to update everyone
and say thank you sooooo very much for your prayers and concerns for our safety
here in Houston, Tx.  Thanks to Liz especially for
keeping tabs on me…it helped so much to have phone calls from friends and
family…even if it was just voicemails due to irregular signals and what


I was pretty much at peace
about the whole thing because I knew who was in control.  My son, however,
had never experienced a Hurricane or anything like it before, so I pretty
much focused on him, for the most part…we went and got some food and supplies
and a few fun things to do (board games) while we sat and waited for the
oncoming storm.  The worst part of the storm did not actually reach
us till about 3 am.  We were sort of asleep in my walk in closet. It
seemed like the sounds of the wind and rain were magnified in there.  I
was up and down all morning checking outside…eerie colors and sounds made my
heart beat fast, so I went back to check on my son, who thankfully was sound
asleep.   The next day and evening was rain, rain, rain and lots of thunder. 
It made my building shake.  Spent the day Saturday playing ‘Sorry’, ‘Battleship’,
‘Pirates of the Carribean Life’ (very interesting game-Ahoy matey!) and
sleeping, good to catch up on rest.


Went out a little Sunday
morning to just look around, was like driving through a damaged ghost
town.  Trees on houses, power-lines down,
stop lights hanging down to the ground, limbs and debris all over the roads, broken
glass and very few people on the road.  Everything
was noticed by my son.


Sunday night was my first
full nights sleep as I was staying at a friend’s house because we had no power
since Saturday very early am.  My son and I live in an apartment and the
whole area was without power including stores, gas stations and
restaurants.  I took my food from the freezer to my friend’s house so it
would not spoil; her mother brought her food over so it would not spoil.  We had so much food, almost felt
guilty.  We cooked for 6 and it felt good to feel somewhat normal.


Her mother and I have been
friends for a long time; we met at our church years ago.  We have been
involved with many ministries and projects together and now we were hanging
out, keeping each other company.  Taking
care of our families.


I am now back in my house…power
and water came on in my apartment complex Monday evening which was a great
relief.  I returned to work today for which
I was very grateful to be able to get out of my home.  The place where I work was damaged and we
could not return until they finished their repairs. I am sure you have
seen some of the damage to the office buildings in Houston and ours was dealing with the


Our ability to get out and
about has also been impacted by the gas shortages. Many have had to wait up to two
or three hours to get gas.  I got out
first thing yesterday to make sure I had a full tank to go back to work…I
waited 20 minutes.  God was merciful!


It was very disconcerting
being disconnected from the world.  Not
knowing exactly what was going on around me. 
Not having a television with the choice of many different news channels
reporting important information.  With
limited radio access I felt cut off to some extent.  The phone calls from friends and family offered
some info, being more comforting than informative.


My laptop crashed the day
before the storm and was in the shop to be repaired so I did not even have that…
Monday evening was the first day that I was able to see the news stories about
Galveston and Houston so it is rather surreal to know there is so much
devastation just on the other side of the city… (I live about 30 miles North
West of Houston)


I think if you asked me how
this event has impacted my life I would have to say it has made me realize how
unprepared I am for some things in my life. 
I have been through other “storms” of life that have left me standing in
the middle of total devastation so compared to those storms this was like rainy
day with a few inconveniences.


I did not lose everything I
own as those in Galveston.  I did not even go without food or have to
stay in a shelter with strangers uncertain when I could return to my home and
afraid of what would be found.  During
the days after the “eye of the Hurricane” passed over there was something
stirring inside me…I would describe it as helplessness…that is what a “storm”
in ones life brings you to.


Total dependence on something
or someone else.  If I had dwelled on
that thought it would have unleashed fear, paranoia, panic and
desperation.  But the one thought that
kept the helplessness at bay was “you know the One who created you and all
that you see, the One who controls the wind and sea”
as I wrote about in the last entry. (Miracles, Miracles, Miracles and then the storm!) Today as I opened up my office, preparing for
a work day I changed my devotion calendar to today’s date…it said


We don’t live on spiritual highs.  When we feel all is lost, we can will to
trust God. 


Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in
You” Psalm 56:3


God gave me that thought
because I have a relationship with Him. 
I know His love, His grace and His hand of mercy in my life.  I know that because He has been the faithful
one in our relationship, He has, over and over, shown me that He has never left
me, He has never forsaken me.  I pray
that for those who do not know Him that they will meet Him during these long
days of recovery.  I am grateful to be on
the other side of the storm and extremely thankful for our safety.  God is
good all the time!!!!


Again, thank you all so very
much if you lifted us in prayer!!!

Grace to you all…


As a side note…my son and I got to continue our discussion on God during the last few days.  He has seen His hand through others at school and through this event.  It made me smile!


12 thoughts on “The Other Side Of The Storm!

  1. nita says:

    hi shell, good to see you on here. praise god for his mercy protection and goodness. liz blogged and said she had heard from you and that you and your son were okay, but without power.  but as I type that, it comes to me, you were not without the power of almighty god.  I can only begin to imagine, what it must have been like, I am frightened in ordinary thunder storms.  there was a message for me, in this blog shell, so thank you for that, and once again, I am so pleased you weathered the storm and came through it. god bless – hugs – nita.

  2. Joe says:

    Awesome!  It\’s so good to know things came out okay for you and your son and what a great testimony besides!  Good to know who\’s behind the still small voice in things like that!

  3. FotoTrek says:

    Hey girl!
    So awesome to see you back on Spaces.
    People — I can personally attest to Shell\’s peace of mind before the storm. She and I talked for about an hour the evening it was due to hit. She was so calm. I called because I was worried about her, of course, but we ended up talking (and laughing) about everything under the sun. What a testimony to her faith that kept her free from fear. Then we spoke again after the storm, she was like. " Yeah, it was bad, but we\’re alright and we\’ll get through it." Like it was no big deal. Can you see God working in her life here? I sure can.
    Anyhoo, I need to rush off to work but glad you are back here, and I can\’t wait to catch up more now that life is returning to normal for you.
    Love, Liz

  4. fotosh says:

    thanks  dear sister for your must be a strange feeling  to be without  doing anything against this storm ..i believe speaking all your words to god  did make you strong .. happy to hear good news

  5. FotoTrek says:

    Thanks for your comment Girly!
    But you see, I know my photography is all a gift from God. He\’s given me so many pictures that are amazing that i was sure I was being lead to do this. But once I took the leap into buying a new camera, the photos just stopped. I have been trying to make it happen but it hasn\’t.
    I will see things I want to shoot when I don\’t have my camera, then when I do have my camera… nothing.
    Last week I carried my camera with me everywhere (except while working) and nothing. Then Friday night I decided to run down to Blockbuster and wouldn\’t you know it… the most brilliant sunset ever and I didn\’t have my camera with me.
    So if at one time I thought God was leading me to do this, wouldn\’t I by that same token now be correct in assuming he isn\’t leading me in that direction anymore?
    I\’m so confused…

  6. Texas says:

    Just so glad to hear how you are. I was definitely praying for all my Houston friends during the storm.  I absolutely love your Space, in case I haven\’t said that before. It strengthens me & empowers me during the times I need it the most. Godf Bless you & those boys!

  7. fotosh says:

    i rea d your  writings again ..and what i read is our fear of getting lost ..loosing the comntroll ..and fail  just faikkure is worth ..but it could be a step step forwar  as abbey my mu.blogger friend says..
    i believe as you at the end it up to him  .
    the big boss…. i miss the word i wantto express..
    take my love..and keep well . i believ the sun  .the golden octobre sun sends youa good andrea

  8. Erica says:

    I\’m glad you made it through with nothing but a few "inconveniences".  It certainly could have been worse.   We can\’t be prepared for everything but it is a blessing to see God speak to us through the word stored in us.  I have only memorized a few verses in all my bible study, but when I need it, God brings something to the front of my mind that would not have been there if I had not read his word these few years.  He is ABSOLUTELY good ALL the time!
    May the God of Abraham continue to bless you and yours,

  9. Helge-the Bluescatlover in Norway. says:

    Hey Grandma ! I`m glad everythings is okey,whish you and yours famely i nice weeken from Norway,and God bless you all.

  10. Faithfulmom says:

    I was quite worried about you.  My brother lives outside of Houston as well and I was pretty worried about him as well.  He ended up having 12 extra people for a week since he still had power.  I hope you never have to go through this anytime soon.  Thanks for sharing your experience!  Blessings to you!

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