Miracles, Miracles, Miracles and then the storm!


The passage Matthew 8 is so timely to me this week…my 11-year-old son, Sam and I have
been having conversations about God and His existence.  Sam has had some is appointments lately that have caused some doubt to creep into his mind about God.  This was serious to him and he did not want me to be upset.  But he did want me to know.

I myself do not question God’s existence nor even His presence but privately have questioned what His will is in a particular area of my life.  In trying to discuss with my
son the doubts he is having I am finding some things too difficult to explain.  I mean some of what I know is only through experience.  He says to me when the discussion is over his head, “my head is full!”  That is my cue to back up.  I have tried to teach my children that God is not a magician.  But trying to teach them who and what He is, sometimes makes my head “full!”

In going to God’s Word I find something that I can show Sam.  I find a recounting of grown men who doubted the Lord, who were afraid when a storm came upon them even with Christ in their midst.  Not to mention the fact that they had just witnessed miracle after miracle following a mountain sermon.

Can you imagine those first days after hearing Jesus speak for the first time? The moment one became mesmerized by his wisdom and his air of authority.  Both of which would have been hard to miss by those who could sense they were in the presence of
something Holy.  I would have like to be a person in the “multitude” coming down off the mountain after his sermon, following him, wanting to know more.  Wanting to see more and hear more. That is how a good message from God’s Word moves me.  It makes me hungry to know Him more.

Those following Jesus that day got to see more…they saw miracles. The healing of the leper, the healing of the Centurion’s servant, healing of Peter’s mother-in-law and the two men possessed of devils. Can you even fathom what was going through the minds of those witnessing the two men being set free and becoming normal, while witnessing the swine throwing themselves off a cliff?

In my discussion I had with Sam I spent several minutes recounting all the things God had done for our family throughout his 11 years.  As I was listing them I felt my heart begin to understand something that really had not occurred to me.  The disappointment I have often felt in not getting what my heart desired or what my mind believed it should get was merely a sign of un-surrender(if that is a word?) I don’t necessarily believe it to be rebellion as much as I think it to be ignorant of what can be accomplished through spiritual death of “dying to self.”  Just allowing God to do His will with no “but”!

What if I never doubted?
What if I never questioned?  Has there ever been a person who never did?
Did it occur to anyone that Jesus questioned His father?  “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” 

I for one have asked that question in grief and even with the gut-wrenching effort it took for me to utter those words, would not even compare to the depth of Christ’s grief on the cross.  What is it that God placed into each man that causes us to doubt and question?  How do I explain that to a child?

The disciples went with Jesus on the ship, which found itself in the midst of a storm (tempest) being covered by waves. Even after all that they witnessed, the disciples were afraid and went to Jesus and cried out to Him.  Did their actions show doubt or faith?  If they had faith that Jesus could protect them, then why did they fear in the first place?  What were they questioning, certainly not His ability, because He is after all the one they went to for help.  I believe, and this is my opinion, that they were questioning His willingness.  Would He do it?  Do we deserve it?  Can we trust Him to do it?

This is where I believe God shows us if we are surrendered or not.  If we trust completely, if we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He loves us enough to protect, provide and care for us when the storm comes then why would fear enter into our minds at all?

What did the Lord do?

He arose, rebuked the wind & sea and then all was calm. This they marveled
at! This caused them to ask themselves, finally after all they had seen, what
manner of man is this that the wind and sea obey?

What will it take in our lives to not only marvel at the Son of God but to so
trust Him that there would be no questions in our minds at all?

And that is what I told Sammy.

Grace to you all…


PS…this was the Bible verse for today on Biblegateway…go figure!

Isaiah 26:3

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”

19 thoughts on “Miracles, Miracles, Miracles and then the storm!

  1. This is such a good post my friend.  You know this is the very center of what our relationship with God is about.  If that relationship were never challenged I have a serious question about the depth of that relationship…this is a sign that we really are ready to move up to another level of committment to Him.  You\’re right, it\’s about a place or places that are not yet surrendered…more about that than not getting an answer we want.  I believe this struggle to receive the righteousness of Jesus Christ and understand He really does love us, want us and is going to do what\’s best for us is the core of what being a Christian is about.  Accepting that it\’s not by our own righteousness which is as filthy rags but by the righteousness of Christ that we have security in our relationship with God.

  2. You have hit the nail on the head. I could not have said this half as good as you did. Excellent job! Thanks for the clarity and thoroughness of your explanation. It was like you put yourself right in the disciples shoes and thus was able to make it real to us. That is what it is all about. It kinda sounded like dictation from a "message" you preached! I see you have been "doing your homework". That\’s what it takes. Sounds like it is paying off with your kids too! Many blessings to you for that.

  3. Powerful entry!  I think most believers (including me) are at this point! "would he do it!" Hmm…surrender to the Holy Spirit is the key.
    The process of denying self is ongoing in this life!   Thank you for sharing, I needed to read this 🙂
    God\’s Peace,

  4. \’Will He do it\’.  Yes, that\’s what trips me up more than anything else.  I often have to keep reminding myself that it was Him that took the first step toward me when Jesus came.  If He loves me that much, is there something I can\’t trust Him with!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your post.
    Katherine.  🙂

  5. Shell, I just heard about the hurricane heading towards you. I lost your phone number or would call you. Are you evacuating? Or are you safe where you are? etc… Let me know please. Praying for you. Liz

  6. Hello Shell.  We here in Florida have had some trouble and some were hurt badly by Fey.  I have been watching the coming storm and pray for all those who have and will be affected, one of whom I hope is not you and your family.  Take care to get out if it gains strength to a 5 and heads for Houston. 
    As always your Faith Shines, may his angels watch closely over you.

  7. Shell,Thank you for sharing.  I really enjoyed reading your blog.  I am sorry that I haven\’t been around…I have a lot of storms happening in my life…too numerous to count but, through it all, God has shown Himself, Faithful and True.  Life\’s storms in Him make it all worthwhile even while in the midst of it…we are overwhelmed, cast doubt, etc., but…through it all He gives us the bread of Life and who He is in all of it.  A process that keeps me humble for sure.  Lately, when I am feel I am not that strong of a person, Ava reiterates all that she has learned in the Word, of my telling her the Word from the age of  7 to 17 years of age.  "Mom, remember this…"bible passage\’" Or, "Mom, remember this is what you said?  It helped me during that time…"  Many times when she was growing up…I felt like I could never really truly answer her questions about life, of God but, He is faithful & I kept surrendering myself and her to Him.  I stand with you on Isaiah 26:3 as a sister in Christ and as mother who has been there and still there.Blessings and thank you for your faithful witness and love in Christ.  You are a godly lady I admire and respect.~ Holy hugs,KiM

  8. I think your posting delves into one of the keys to a relationship with God, and that is awareness.  We can pray all we want, but if we do not look to the gifts of His love around us, how can we know Him. I can find myself trying to be the captain of the boat, telling him how to steer it. Rather, as a passenger, I must be watchful and marvel at the way he protects me from the rocky shoals and leads me again and again into safe harbor. I was told many years ago that prayer is our cry to God for help, and meditation is listening for his answer. It\’s not always the one I want, but in retrospect, it\’s always the one I need. And that\’s the real miracle for me.

  9. I see miracles wherever my eyes take focus.  Contemplate a simple blade of grass, a spider\’s web, the harmony of a hive of honey bees, a homeless person lending a helping hand to a rich man, and the list goes on and on.  Some of the greatest miracles are the everyday things taken for granted.  Listen….do you hear the sweet mourn of the dove? 

  10. We all start with milk before we can take the meat of faith.  Ask your son, "Why not a loving God?  Why not a single blade of grass that is exactly the same?  Who, my son, is it that makes me love you so?"   Shell, he will find his way.  We did.
    Please let us know if you and the kids are OK.

  11. I\’m glad you guys are all safe and sound.  I was sorry to hear that Galveston was hit so hard.  They suffered terribly many years ago from a hurricane.  I got to see it just before that when I was in high school.  Pretty place!  I hope Galveston and the other parts of Houston and Texas can bounce back quickly.
    Love ya much!

  12. Thank you Shell….. I really should learn to take my own advice. I am good at saying I believe,and giving advice to others…. but if I could ever learn once in for all….. to truley without a doubt.. walk the walk…. instead of just talking the talk… then I think I would be alright. So I shall keep at it…. If it takes all my life. My mom would always tell me … you have faith sherri…. you speak it…. Now just believe it!

  13. Yes my tatertot…. I think you are correct….I am glad you liked my post….. God bless you too. If you don\’t like my nickname for you…. I won\’t call you that anymore ok tatertot…..LOL…… And I love this post of Shell\’s.

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