I just got tagged…

It has been a busy two days here on MSN…kind of fun shaking things up a bit…I have enjoyed meeting some new people and making new friends here….so many amazing people, from all walks of life, reaching out and being lights…Praise God!! If you haven’t gotten to know anyone on here I encourage you to do so…what a blessing!   May we all keep reaching out and making a difference for Christ!


Ok, LiveforHim just tagged me, so here it goes…

Each person posts the rules before their lists, then lists 8 things about themselves.  At the end of the post that person lists 8 other people they want to tag, then visits each of their sites leaving a comment that they have been tagged & to come to your space & read the post so they will know what to do.

1) I have lost 18 lbs since July 1st 2008 and several more to go…
2) After raising 4 children I have 1 at home currently, yikes I miss them all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3) Scrapbooking is one of my fav things to do and have completed 10 albums since 2002!
4) I love the ocean, the mountains and the hills of Missouri in the fall!
5) My favorite kind of movies are usually based on true stories about overcomers and have to do with sports!
6) I would rather have a kiss than a bouquet of flowers. (but I wouldn’t turn down the flowers Wink)
7) My favorite sensation is being barefoot in the sand and a wave washes over feet on the way back out…
8) My desire is to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength so that in turn His love would flow through me to others!!!

Bill Loytty

10 thoughts on “I just got tagged…

  1. Hey thanks for the tag i will do my very best to respond might not be till next week now though as have a very busy weekend, love and hugs Amanda xx

  2. So!  You\’re the source of the tag today….I wasn\’t sure until just now!  I was tagged and noticed first thing this morning.  Good to hear a little more about you today.  Have a blessed day…now for me…I\’ve got to think of eight things people may not know about me.

  3. Hi!
    Nice to hear from you.  I got your tag and will respond, hopefully early next week.  (Busy weekend).
    Stay tuned.  🙂

  4. Hi Shell,
    Glad you like the Stepherd\’s salad. A few fried eggs (with butter)
    would be great with it. But I always prefer feta cheese with this
    Have a great weekend, cheers, Zeynep xx

  5. Hope you know you would have most certainly been on my Brillante list had I not seen that you had been nominated prior to me.  Shell, you are a light in this life.  I can\’t imagine MSN Spaces without you.  Let the revival expand!!

  6. oh  c shell   take you in my arms ..i worked hard ,and now it seem lot of problems solved ..i wont forget you  blogged st about the events i lived .. but soon more  ..love andrea

    You should see all my free minutes. But then I still have a land line I use a lot…
    Stay cool you crazy cat…Gregers

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