My Weblog Award List…

Shell’s Nominations!

weblog award

Llist 7 people to whom you would like to receive
this award then you must contact them to let them know they have
received it!  Along with listing them you must provide the reasoning
behind it!  It is then up to them to pass this along to 7 of their
friend’s.  Let’s see how long we can keep the ball rolling!

Here are mine…

A lady I truly admire…a mother of 5 and a stroke survivor.


A sweet spirit and kind heart, living with her husband and two children in Saudi Arabia. I pray for their safety!
JaleenJaleen Fuller’s Space

A beautiful young lady just out of high school choosing to live for the Lord.

A down to earth lady with a wonderful eye for the world, her pictures inspire me!
LizzyNorth Country Fire

A peaceful place to visit!
megMeg’s Garden

A lady full of light and wisdom gifted in teaching God’s Word!
JudithInspirational Food forThought

One of my first friends on MSN Spaces and a delight to visit!

5 thoughts on “My Weblog Award List…

    Good evening C-Shell by the C-Shore…
    Well, thank you for your nice words. You know…There are so many wonderful people that have hooked up in our little Bloggerville. Actually, the population continues to grow.
    I just wish I could visit everyone on a regular basis.
    There is just know way I could “just name 7 or even 70 special spaces. Can’t I just say, check my friends list. Certainly, there are some very special friends who we have gotten to know better. But we truly are a blog family.
    Hey!!! Can you do me a favor. Can you take your hot and muggy Houston weather back south??? Oh well, it is that time of year and I am actually getting ready for the fall season with the “pigskin” flying about at football camps.
    Have a nice evening and a wonderful weekend,

  2. Congrats and good deal for you!  I echo Greg\’s entry about not being able to visit everyone.  After awhile it becomes truly impossible but everyone adds something and each has their place in my friends list too.

  3. I truly admire you Shell as well so I appreciate the nomination.  As a stay at home mom that drives constantly, I have no social life pretty much.  Blogging and this web community have improved my life over these years.  Somedays, I feel overwhelmed and I think about how Shell did it?  Your inspiring words and the love Christ inspires me through your words.  Thank you.  I will try to do this too but I warn you now…it will take some time.

  4. I love your profile , and your love for god so do i ,i really like to no you better as friends and how you did you page  i tryed adding music but it didn\’t work lol WOULD YOU TELL ME HOW TO DO IT I\’M NEW HERE ITS DIFFERENT THAN MY OTHER PAGES? GOD BLESS YOU  Janie

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