Mom, Memories and Magic!

1966 Summer St. Louis MO 

The memory of the just is blessed.

Proverbs 10:7


I remember one Christmas when I was a little girl how my parents had told my sister and me to go to our room and wait for a surprise.  Of course, I am not sure the exact words they used but they wanted to set out our presents under the tree to open on Christmas Eve. I could hear them out in the living room moving around.  It seemed to take forever.  I must have been five, maybe six at the time.

Shelly & Dani 1966


In your mind, when you are that young everything in your memory seems huge.  I don’t know exactly when they came and told us to come out but if I close my eyes, I can still see the door opening, looking from my room, through the hallway into the living room to the Christmas tree. I can see the hardwood floor, the color, and texture of it next to the white walls.   The tree was real.    The large glass Christmas tree lights in the five colors, red, green, yellow, blue and orange, wrapped around from top to bottom.  The tinsel was gently moving on the branches.  Even now I can still smell the metal scent on my hands after hanging it.   The picture in my mind sparkles like magic.

Entering the room, glancing toward the bottom of the tree we could see all the gifts neatly arranged into two piles one, for my sister and for me.  We always got matching gifts, well not exactly matching, the same thing, but different colors.  If we got dolls, they were the same type of doll except for the color of the hair might be different.  It was like that with our clothes too.  I think it was because whatever one of us got the other wanted it too.

Summer 1967

My mother was very creative. She liked to sew and make things.  She would make clothes for our Barbie’s.  I remember them being so intricate.  One outfit had a wrap-around skirt that was reversible.  One side was a solid color and the other side was a print.  She used a piece of matching yarn to tie it all together.  It was adorable.  She did that with some of the outfits she made for my sister and me.  Especially our Halloween costumes, she had made some of them from scratch or when sewing special dresses for some occasion.

My mom always made things nice.  As I look back on those memories I realize how hard she tried to make our childhood magical.  How she decorated for the holidays, made specially crafted items for the occasion.  One of my favorite things to watch her do was when she made ice candles.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  She poured the wax into an empty milk carton and then dropped ice down into the wax.  When it hardened, she cut the carton away.  There were some cool looking holes where the ice had fallen.  They burned so beautifully!

Christmas 1967

When I became a mother I wanted to do those things for my kids.  I wanted to plan birthday parties, make picnics fun and bring magic into my house.  I was privileged to be a stay at home for a time so I tried to do that for them.  I miss those days so very much, both my own childhood and my children being young when I could make everything seem magical for them.  I don’t know if I did as good a job as that of my mother, I guess that will remain to be seen.  Though one of the things that God has impressed upon me since my sister went home to be with the Lord on September 17, 2006, is how precious each memory is and how so important it is to pass on to our children.  I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

Summer 1967

4 thoughts on “Mom, Memories and Magic!

  1. I love posts from the past like this. You brought back memories of my own childhood too. So wonderful.
    You and your sister are adorable, and your mom was quite the looker.
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother\’s Day!
    Love, Liz

  2. thangs for sharing .. hope you don miss me   i akm fine  with his shine hope you too. and we …
    ell  like the post from your mum .. love andrea

  3. This was so precious to read. I am still a young mother and learning, praying for guidance on the way. I want my boys to remember me as fondly as you do your mother, and I\’m sure your children to. I absolutely looove the pics! You are very beatifull. God bless, and hugs Jaleen.

  4. hi shell, good to hear from you again, love playing the games on facebook, but yes it can become addictive, but my excuse is, it exercises  my ageing mind – lol – thanks for your prayers for us all, we have had a few wobbles again this week.  can understand how times seem bittersweet for you too – this is a lovely post, and as I said before you come over as a wonderful mother, as I am sure you were a daughter and sister, we all fail in some aspects but can only do our best, and that I am sure you do very well. take care and have a wonderful weekend, see you on facebook – hugs nita.

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