Perception Depends On Which Direction You Look!

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
For by it the elders obtained a good report.  Through faith we understand that
the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen
were not made of things which do appear.
Hebrews 11:1-3


Looking at the picture above you can well understand what the word perception can entail.  In moving one’s eyes from left to right, the whole picture changes.  Moving eyes back again to the left you notice how gradual the change was. Where the picture changes from one view to the other is almost seamless. You can only see the significant difference on each side of the picture.  The in-between or the middle is almost imperceptible without taking notice.

A thought came to me this morning after praying these past several days about the event that took place in the last post.  From the first day, I struggled with overwhelming fear, which I knew immediately was the enemy.  The fear stemmed from events of my past. Abandonment, disorientation, lack of understanding, an uncertainty of the future.  All of these feelings are universal in any distressing occurrence that takes you by surprise.  We are shocked, then we are confused and questioning, then we grieve or become angry.

Ask anyone who has learned that a loved one has died suddenly, or someone you cared about has fallen into immorality, maybe you learn that one of your children is addicted to drugs or alcohol or your mate has walked away from the vows that they took with you in front of God and family.  There are much more examples but in almost all cases you go through a similar process.  How is it that each one of us can relate to this?  Each human being put on earth has the ability to feel all of those emotions and more. Why?  Why did God program these emotions into our bodies?  What use are they?  How do we cope when they overcome us to the point of shutting us down?  Incapacitating at times.  How do we get through it and remain to stand?

I do not claim to have “the answers” but I do claim to know the One who does.  His Word gives us so many answers but often we ask but don’t seek them out.  Which brings me to the thought I had this morning….I had seen the picture above years ago and when I saw it again, this thought kind of rolled around in my head for quite some time but it was not until this week that God inspired me to write it down.  It has to do with “Faith” and why we so often talk about it but we do not apprehend it or grab hold of it.

To have faith in God is to believe in Him even though we can not see Him physically with our eyes.  To have faith in His Word is to not only believe in its truth but to walk in it and apply it.  To have faith is to simply believe God and take Him at His Word.  How do we get to this kind of faith in God? We have to know Him!  His character, His nature, His will and His love.  Take the subject of emotions I touched on before….if I have faith in God, have faith in His Word and I apply that faith then those emotions will not overcome me, they will not shut me down and they will not incapacitate me.  Instead my faith will strengthen me, it will stir me to draw closer to Him and it will give me what I need to remain standing.  I found this line in a commentary I read on the great chapter of faith in the New Testament, Hebrews 11.

“Faith proves to the mind, the reality of things that cannot be seen by the bodily eye. It is a full approval of all God has revealed, as holy, just, and good. This view of faith is explained by many examples of persons in former times, who obtained a good report, or an honourable character in the word of God. Faith was the principle of their holy obedience, remarkable services, and patient sufferings.” (Taken from Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on Hebrews 11)

Depending are where you are in your faith is how you will view or interpret that distressing occurrence that comes into your life suddenly.  You will go through the emotions and the feelings but just as the picture changes moving eyes one way or another so does your perception of the circumstance.  If our faith is small we will see a wall in front of us…no way around, over or through…as the left side of the picture might represent.  If our faith is huge, then we will be as the ship on right, boldly forging ahead without any obstacles to keep us from trusting God with all that is ahead.  It is not just hoping, but knowing that Jesus, our Lord, is in the boat and will calm the storm with one Word.

How do we get huge faith?  The picture also may have an answer to that.  Time and distance, gradually growing in Him.  Look back from where you are in your walk with Jesus and take notice of the gradual, almost seamless, changes in your life.  He begins to build our faith from the moment we ask Him to be Lord of our lives.  Every storm, every trial and every blessing comes through Him, teaching us something about Him.  Stopping to take notice of what He has done in your life will not only prove to you that He is who He says He is but will give you the confidence to stand in your faith and face whatever is before you!

with much faith I pray much grace to you….


12 thoughts on “Perception Depends On Which Direction You Look!

  1. Excellent referrence and puproseful commentary, your faith has brought you not only a deep insight but the desirable ability to relate that to others in a way that uplifts.  Thank You.

  2. Shell, once again your growing and deep faith has given you the rare ability to reach others who might be facing past transgressions, relationship mistakes or any number of haunting mistakes the children of God make.  Actually, it is very wise to occasionally look over one\’s shoulder to see where we were, but only to compare it with where we are now.  Our past is best left remembered as a learning experience and a valuable tool to help others from falling in the same traps in which we became snared.  Although our physical lives may remain a struggle, or our concerns still turn to worry, our measure of growth is in His Holy Promise to those who choose to travel this life\’s difficult road to eternal salvation.  Those of us who have crossed your path in this life love you for the recognition that battles are fought within ourselves mostly, but the evil has been defeated and our road to glory is paved with all those before us wise enough to follow the light.  You have no need for spiritual advice.  This man is very pleased and proud to call you my sister in Christ.

  3. hi shell, thank you – god certainly has given you the gift of relating to others and empathy – there is much in my heart that I cannot put into words tonight, but it is good to have your understanding and leading as a sister in christ – love nita.

    Hi Shell,
    I am trying to leave a comment here I think more than a hour. I had left this comment to my space for you this morning:
    "Dear Cshell; I can\’t leave a comment to your space. I like your space and your entries but I am sorry, it is not possible to open your page and leave a comment so many times. When I could open, all windows are frozen and my computer goes mad, lol. Very strange noices (grrrrr, trrrrrrr, mrrrrrrrrr, really! lol, lol) and then all windows are closing in my screen. So sorry about it. But now I will try again."
    I really like your space, your entries, pictures, everything. But this is very frustrated. Some spaces are influencing their media players maybe. I don\’t know, I am not sure about that but I removed my media player for that reason last year.
    The picture you posted in this entry is fantastic.
    Have a nice Sunday, cheers, Zeynep xx

    Great post Shell! Gloria Copeland preached a message along these lines in church last night. I hope you are well today and that your weekend was blessed. Love you, Liz

  6. Good Morning Cshell,
    Just dropping by to say hi. Great Post today. Your space is truly an inspiration! Thanks for sharing the truths from God\’s Word. Keep Shining for Jesus my friend! My prayers are always with you. Please keep in touch and drop by my space when you can. I always enjoy your visits and the comments you share.
    God\’s Blessings, Your Friend, Judith

  7. Had to laugh at your whiplash memories of Wally World I so rudely refreshed!!  Truth be told, the only times I go in those doors is to chat with the senior ladies who greet you at the door.  Now I might walk around a little just for amusement because of all the manic expressions on most of the shoppers faces, but rarely do I buy anything other than a tin of mints or pack of gum from the retail giant.  I know we aren\’t supposed to hold grudges and linger in resentment, but Shell, some places and people are just a whole lot easier to love than others….sigh!!  Walmart kind of makes me feel like a mouse in a maze, and I\’m still trying to find something on their shelves that is actually completely made in the USA.  Oh well, I\’ll spare you any more nightmares for now…lol.
      This post of yours is beautifully written from the soul of one who has felt the love of God.  Our faith, especially the depth of our faith, is something most tend to avoid.  I understand this because Jesus told us we would be looked upon with Leary eyes and hardened hearts by people who love this world and all it\’s "have it now" temptations.  A Christian space is rarely a popular space because of the misunderstanding of the love that fills us and drives us to proclaim His Holy name.  This particular post reminds me so much of the book of Job.  Perhaps I\’ve told you, perhaps not, but Job is a story I often read in moments of despair.  It would be wrong to say I have a favorite book in the Bible, but I do find myself in Matthew, Hebrews, Galatians, Job and Revelation more than the others.  I suppose we all have scripture that we read and re-read, and it should be individually so.  In summary, I send you all my brotherly love.

  8. Hi C…Thanks for coming by Blog Quest as always with your insights.We are enjoying a warm weekend and then al little winter again on Monday and Tuesday.Have a superb Sunday and a very smooth week…Greg

  9. Hi ShellThanks for sharing and posting your testimony on my blog site.  Thank you…thank you.  Wow…what a testimony you have.  Awesome.  Our history is really His Story…of Hope to those who don\’t know Him.  :- )Love and Hugs,  Until we meet someday here on earth on with Him…can\’t wait,~ KiM

  10. hi shell, had you in my thoughts, hope all is well with you – was going to leave graphic in guestbook, then realised you dont have one – so hope you are having a good week – things here are improving, with a few ups and downs along the way – god bless – nita.

    Hi C…
    Thanks coming by my other space.
    It is where I hang out and get back to the basics…Our Lord Jesus.
    My little library corner. I do a lot more studying than shows there.
    Have a very nice and smooth week…Greg

  12. hi shell, just wanted to drop in, and say I am thinking of you and you are in my prayers. I saw your comment on greg\’s space, and it meant a lot that in spite of a rough time yourself, you reached out to myself and amanda, she has told me you have been in touch and are now friends.  god is at work in mighty way, in lots of our lifes – I do believe that, it is good that we can share the joys and the sorrows of the journey here on live spaces. take care, be blessed – hugs nita.

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