The Ultimate Valentine!

“For God, so loV ed the
       That He gA ve

             His onL y

             BegottE n


                  T hat whosever Believeth
                  I n Him

           Should N ot perish,

        But have E verlasting

                                   John 3:16





9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Valentine!

  1. This is a most unique and profound post my dear friend.  So very true that the simple images are most likely to tell the best story of what we choose to portray in our hearts.  Have to admit to a little envy at your ability to convey a meaningful message with few words.  Yes, my last post was somewhat confusing to more people than I like to admit.  Problem with this old mountain man is that I tend to have bouts of writing just as the fleeting images flash in my mind.  What makes perfect sense to me often makes no sense to those reading my thoughts on paper.  I\’ll have to work on that for sure.  Hope the sinus infection is much improved for you.  The flu bug has practically sent most of us hill folks to bed feeling like the losing end of a train wreck, but thankfully I\’ve been spared for the past several years.  Guess the flu shots work for me.  Since I\’m feeling much better now, you can expect more visits from this friend.  Always, always enjoy communicating with you.  Please take good care and drop in when you can.

    So I am actually starting to "get it?" Gosh, it sure doesn\’t feel that way, but I am trying. Thank you for all your guidance, I really appreciate it!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Love, Liz
    PS: I love the song you are playing. I had never heard it before.

  3. Hello, Shell
    I\’m out doing a quick run through some of my friends. All is well here. Glad to hear you\’re going to see that grandbaby. Have fun, enjoy, and be blessed!

    I loved the photos of Brodie\’s first birthday. You all looked like you were having a wonderful time! Gosh he\’s such a little cutie pie!

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