Quiet Before The Lord

It is amazing what the quiet holding of the soul before the Lord will do to the external and seemingly uncontrollable tumult around us.  It is in that stillness that the voice will be heard.

A Lamp For My Feet (pg 104) By Elizabeth Elliot


And after the earthquake a fire;

but the LORD was not in the fire:

and after the fire a still small voice.

1 Kings 19:12




Elizabeth Elliot is one of my favorite authors.  She writes with such love and passion for the Lord.  The books that I have read written by her have inspired me to seek God in such a way.  I can’t imagine that God would use me the way that He uses her through her experiences and books but to know that if I make myself available He will use me in some way within the world He has placed me. As long as I am in tune with His voice…paying heed to the instructions He gives me for each step I take.

In that thought, it makes me wonder why it is so very hard for some Christians to hear God?  One simple answer is the sin. The sin in our lives blocks or grieves the Holy Spirit, it keeps God from working in our lives.  It also keeps us from hearing God’s voice. 

In meeting many Christians, it seems to me that there are at least three types.  Those that are completely surrendered to God walking and growing with Him. Excited about who He is and what He is going to do each day. Being blessed in every way in their life, always giving God the glory. 

Then there are those that are nominal.  Going to church, mentioning God when convenient but never going deeper with Him than hearing a message on Sunday morning and singing a hymn or two. And the only way you would know that they were Christian is they pronounce which church they attend. 

The third type of Christian is somewhat elusive.  They know God. They believe God has done great things in other people’s lives but they often question whether He would do it in their life.  They struggle in many areas.  They are defeated, hopeless sometimes and even uncertain that they ever really accepted Christ as their Savior.  They go back and forth in their worship, their faith, and their walk.  What they don’t understand is that what they need is already indwelling in them. 

The very same power that raised Jesus from the dead is living inside each one who professes Him as Savior. All one has to do is take time to get to know HIm.  To watch Him work, weaving the good and bad in our lives into something beautiful.  The secret is that He already knows everything about us.  I love telling people that….cuz it is true.  Scripture says He formed us in our mother’s womb and that He knows the very number of hairs on our heads. He knows how much we can take, He knows what to allow into our lives to keep us drawing near to Him. 

I know there are those reading this who are probably saying what beautiful thing could possibly come out of a senseless death of my loved one?  Or losing my job and my home?  Being raped? My child being addicted to drugs? My marriage falling apart?  Betrayal by adultery?  Diagnoses of terminal cancer?  Why on earth would God allow those things to happen to people, especially Christian people who have made the decision to trust God?  This question is often asked especially when life is sooooo very hard to take. The truth is we live in a fallen world. The moment sin entered into the world, evil existed in our flesh & we began to die. Pretty much everything awful that happens can be associated with that fact. To many, that answer is often inadequate.

While God is always present in every event of our lives he will not control what people do because He has given us free will.  He does not promise a trouble-free life but does promise He will never leave us nor forsake us. Often, we as Christians, are quick to question the purpose of God.  We think we have to figure it out. 

The Christian filled with the Holy Spirit will not question why but what, what do I do with this?  The nominal Christian will lose faith or give into resignation and go on in their shallow faith. The struggling Christian will wonder if they themselves have caused God to punish them.   They do not know God well enough to know that God does not strike down punishment on us as a cruel dictator.  They won’t always understand that sometimes the trials that we go through are brought on by consequences of our sin or the sins of others, not a punishment from God. 

It is not hard to get to know Him. It just takes time.  Time spent seeking Him. Conversing with Him. Getting alone with Him. Get to know Him first before you make a judgement on Him.  Give Him a chance to show His love for you.  Allow Him to change your heart and life.  Saturate your mind with His words. There is no formula except to spend time daily and consistently. Otherwise what type of Christian will you be? Or want to be?

One of the things you will discover is that He is very, very personal. And only you can know if you hear His voice or not because His voice becomes in tune with your heart and soul if poised to hear it. 

To hear the still small voice when quiet before the Lord is the most incredible, indescribable thing you will ever experience.  I pray that you would desire that…


Grace to you


13 thoughts on “Quiet Before The Lord

    Very nice post, Shell. You already know what category I fit into. All in due time though. I get the impression you are well today! For that I am very happy! Liz

  2. hi shell, well said, there is much inspired truth in what you write – take care and have a good week – god bless – nita.


    Good evening C…
    Check this out…You write, “It makes me wonder why it is so very hard for some Christians to hear God?
    Here are questions I just typed upon my notepad.
    1. Have you ever wondered why some believe and see and understand God’s wisdom while others cannot?
    2. Have you ever wondered why some people get the wrong picture of God and get “completely” away from His message of Good News?
    3. How come some want to read and receive Biblical insights while others would rather skip, skim the page, cross the street, or don’t have the time of day for what is being shared?
    4. How come some can tell you who they think God is and who they think this Jesus character is, but they have never read the eye witness written (Four Gospels) accounts of His life?
    5. How come when someone misrepresents God they use their lies as a parameter to whom they think God is instead of searching for the truths themselves?
    Some very interesting questions to ask ourselves indeed.
    Everything changes when we want to get to know God instead of just wanting to know about God. I guess we could consider it growing up in our own faith instead of relying and depending on others faith.
    Have a very smooth and pleasant week,

  4. Shell,
    I think this entry was written for me! 🙂  I will take note..and as Greg said, "growing up in our own faith"..powerful stuff!… Amen!
    Thanks for sharing.
    God\’s continued peace on your life.

  5. Shell, This is a great post (as always) and it speaks well to my life…I was on fire for the Lord and had big plans.  My husband & I missioned to other couples, etc and then my life just went haywire.  A part of me said I was abandoned by God and the other side, knew that God would help me develop to be a better Christian because of it all.  Have a great week!  Blessings!

  6. The best post I\’ve read in over three years on Spaces.  I commend you in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for having the wisdom, courage, strength and moral character to open your heart for us to see the true grace and beauty inside our dear sister and friend.  You had no way of knowing, but this touched me so profoundly this day because we lost one of our sweet little Yorkshire Terriers to liver cancer Sunday the 27th.  Although we know her time was short, it still came as a terrible shock when we found her lifeless on her blanket yesterday morning.  She had 15+ years of life and brought us so much joy.  Yes, we miss her…still can see her jumping for joy when it was time for her treat each day, but life goes on and we have more little doggie daughters to comfort us,  It is quite amazing how these little bundles of fur mourn the loss just as we do.  God knew how much we could learn from these little creatures with "unconditional love and forgiveness", and He also knew how much Patty and I needed something to love since we were unable to have children.  Don\’t be sad my friend, Prissy gave us enough memories to last many lifetimes.  I believe with all my heart that our beloved pets will be there when we cross to the next eternal life.  No, she was not human and had no particular demands, but she gave us more love than any human ever has in her own way.  The tears are drying and time will allow for many fond smiles and laughter when speaking of her in the years to come.  God never promised us a bed of roses, and His grace is sufficient for all of us.
    Brotherly love to you my sister and dear friend….you were signing my guestbook just when I needed my friends the most.  Coincidence?…..I think not.  Continue walking in the light of grace.

    Hi Shell,
    I have to say that I came by to your space recently but I couldn leave a comment. I fighted with my computer for a while, lol, then gave up. Sometimes some spaces are very slow, but not today… Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. You have a strong ethic and I always feel secure with your comments. No double messages, no some the other negative things. So thank you for being, I am glad I have an explore friend like you here.
    Grace to you! Zeynep xx

  8. Hi Shell,
    Just dropping in from cold and snowy Vancouver. We have had snowy conditions since last weekend. I woke up to a blanket of snow this morning. Because of the snowy conditions I can\’t get out so today is catching up with mail and visiting my friends on MSN Spaces. Thanks for your visit today. I enjoyed your comments. Great Post today. I too enjoy this same Author, indeed she is a blessing. Have a Jesus Filled Day. Enjoy the presence of the Lord. Indeed I am enjoying God\’s Creation of Beauty! He Makes All Things Beautiful in His Time…We serve a Mighty God!!!
    God\’s Blessings, Your Friend, Judith

  9. Hi Shell,
    Just dropping by to say hi. Thanks for dropping by my space and for sharing your comments and thoughts there. Much appreciated. Happy you enjoyed my Devotional Newsletter. Great Reading & Post today, this is my second time reading it. Indeed I so enjoy this Author, she is a blessing. Have a great weekend! Hope you enjoy your Sunday Services…..
    God Bless, Your Friend, Judith 

  10. You know how much your friendship, fellowship and faith means to me.  However, I must disagree about the three types of Christians.  If anyone will understand it will be you…."There is only one classification of Christian".  Type one on your list is the only one that fits.  Just my opinion.  Grace continue to guide and walk with you dear sister.

  11. As your friend and brother in Christ, I now know that my previous comment on this posting was not only inappropriate, but made in haste before considering the message you chose to send.  It is not my place to disagree with you on how you chose to communicate the faith you\’ve been given by grace.  You have my sincere apology and deepest respect for all efforts you choose in the name of our mutual faith.  Once again I\’m reminded of my sinful nature and temptation to run before our Lord in a feeble race of leading when I should be following in step with my fellow brothers and sisters of Christ.  I seek your forgiveness…..J.W.L.  

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