Sweet Savor of Praise Offerings!

Dear Blogger Friends,

I wanted to share a few things with you in a letter form, if you don’t mind?  My heart is overwhelmed with so much today!  How good God is for one and how He fills in the gaps for us single moms is incredible. I went to the Basic Military Training Graduation for my son this last weekend.  It was sooooo awesome!  What was so strange about it was I went through BMT, 27 years ago and since you walk everywhere you go when you are there in training, it took me a while to get my bearings.  I thought things were farther than they were…I guess it just seems that way when you are marching! LOL!  Anyway my daughter-in-law and I put together the montage below.  It is precious!  And this is one proud mama!

As I said at the beginning I am filled with gratefulness this Thanksgiving season for the beauty God has brought from the ashes of the years our family struggled.  I have prayed about how to share a portion of my testimony without being disrespectful to my family or telling sensitive information.  I have made some wonderful friends here on MSN and really have tried to be transparent to all for the sake of witnessing for Jesus. Christianity is about a relationship not religion…it is about walking in intimacy with the Savior, becoming more Christ-like as we spend time sharing with Him and letting Him lead and guide our lives. It encompasses praise, thanksgiving, forgiveness and loving…all the things I know pleases my Lord!!!

So in telling you a little bit about where Jesus brought us from, my hope is that you will see His hand, not my strength to get through it.  Because I am nothing without Him….In 2004 my husband of 12 years went to prison.  He was military at the time and getting ready to retire so you can imagine the devastation to our family at the time.  Loss of income, loss of our home and loss of a marriage and our family in every sense.  There was emotional struggles with my four children.  Each one having their own issues.  It was like standing in the middle of a burnt down building with nothing left but burnt, black ashes. The shock, grief and loneliness of it all was sometimes excruciating but God ministered to me and my family through many who surrounded us during these last three years.   I was a stay at home mom for 12 years so I was faced with providing for my family.  But God provided over and abundantly!!!

During the last 3 years God has restored our income to almost what my husband brought home and provided us a wonderful home.  He is restoring our family one day at a time.  I could not possibly share with you all that He has done but I can tell you that with out a doubt I am standing today because of a God who promised He would never leave me nor forsake me.   He has taken away the grief and brought joy.  He has replaced fear with faith. And above all He preserved my hopes and dreams…even though I had forgotten them for a season. 

These pictures I share with you in my photo albums and this montage is proof of a loving, patient God who gives more grace than I can possibly receive.  And I can not even give back to Him what He has given to me…thank you does not seem adequate.  But I know that when I lift up His name publicly to others, that is my Praise Offering, lifted up with hands that were formed in my mothers womb by Him!!!! And He smiles! 

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving from the bottom of my heart, dear friends!!!
Grace to you,

To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever. 

Psalm 30:12

12 thoughts on “Sweet Savor of Praise Offerings!

  1. oh shell, what a story and testimony, my heart sings with yours in praise and glory to god. he has bought beauty from your burnt out ashes, and i know he can and will do the same for me and my family – it has been a pleasure to get to know you as a sister in the lord.  you are a joy and inspiration – god bless you and your lovely family – hugs nita.

    I had so much I wanted to say when I came here for a visit.
    You shared wonderfully.
    But my heart say\’s, "Well down my good and faithful servant."
    I also I want to take this time to personally thank you for being a part of Blog Quest.
    With wonderful people in this world in which we live makes for our neighborhoods to be a better place.
    We live on this big planet, in a huge universe, but together it is a small – small world.
    Happy Holiday’s!
    All the best for you and your loved one’s…

  3. Ah yes Shell,
    Thank you for sharing…very inspiring & encouraging!  All the best to you and your family, and Congrats to your Son on his graduation …etc
    God\’s continued \’grace\’ on your life.

  4. Shell, it was so good to hear from you. We are both truly blessed with beautiful grandbabies. I love my children more than words can describe, and it is even more difficult to describe how I feel about my grandbaby. I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine. We had lots of family and food. Take care, and Merry Christmas if I don\’t "see" you before.

  5. Ooooo, Your story gives me the spiritual chills! 🙂
    Just stopping by to say hi, I see you have accpeted my friend request and I wanted to say thnak you and welcome. I am presently losing some friends trying to act on the guidance I am getting from God myself, and I think perhaps as some go out God sends others in I guess.  You have beautiful children, very lovely! God Bless You & Your Family! Take Care & Travel Safely!  ♥ Hugs 4 All!

  6. sorry  .. there was less time to visit you  anyway the computer was broken and  than so much has happen to sort out . i am fine and hope the same to you ..blessings in your heart ,,and give me a look on my pics ..love andrea

    Good evening Shell,
    You have done well and the future holds many blessings for you and yours for your faithfulness.
    You are also a blessing to me and many others.
    Have a smooth faith filled week, Greg

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life and testimony.   I know I deal with a lot of fear and without Jesus, I could never do it.  You really are an inspiration and I hope God Blesses you as you share this to others.

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