Words, We All Have Them!

We, on these spaces, have a unique opportunity to share the love of Christ with all who will listen.  We may not always get it right in the way that we say it but I believe if we trust His Word and the truth of it and then stand on it…it will show through our words without condemnation to others.  It is a fine line, especially when we broach subjects that are so close to our hearts.  Sin is devastating to all who are touched by it…I can certainly testify to that in my life. 
I have chosen not to share the intimate details of my testimony in such an open forum but have shared privately with a few bloggerville friends. And that was with the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am not afraid of telling my testimony that I must be careful of when and where that is done for Christ’s glory, not for mine. 
It has been important for me to be able to share with others what God is doing in my heart and life.  My Heavenly Father has me in a place where I do not have a huge social life, I am a single mother, working full time and trying with what little time I have left at the end of the day to invest in my children’s’ lives.  So there is little time for me to get out!  Smile So this is just one way for me to connect…
I have recently read some blogs and the comments going back and forth…and I could very well see both points, not because I thought they were wrong or right per say but because they were spoken by people who look out into the world, see the news (however reliable that may be) and form opinions of the hurt, pain and confusion that is caused by someone else’s sin. 
We all are passionate about one idea or another because of where we come from, the experiences we have had in our lives and the roads we have had to travel.  Spiritually, we may be in different places in our walks with Jesus or some may not even have a relationship with Him, therefore giving opinions with an entirely different perspective. 
It is so easy for us to sit and read a blog and then automatically assume we know where the other’s heart is. While our words may give us a small peek into the lives of who we really are it does not show the whole picture. And sometimes the part we don’t see is the most important part of who we are…. 
I have, myself written things that seem so self-focused that after I posted it I wonder if maybe I am being narcissistic in my “point of view”.  I write things about myself and where my heart is because
    (1) it helps me think out loud and really look at what I am thinking or feeling in comparison to His Word. Some of those things can be very painful but I would rather share that in view of His Word and let Him use it to maybe turn others towards Him. And it does not hurt to have some feedback or encouragement…and accountability in what I say.
    (2) my opinion about other people’s sin is really better left for me to keep to myself unless asked.  There are many things in the news that make me very angry and there are times I would love to vent my feelings and emotions but for me, I feel that it would do more harm than good for me to unload all that onto another.  It does not bother me for others to be able to do that….that is our privilege on these spaces.
I think the thing that we all must remember is no matter what we think or how passionate we are about a subject, we must at all times, consider how our words affect others.  The Bible says…


Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.  Proverbs 18:21

There have been many speakers who can inspire the masses by their eloquent speeches and then those who incite riots by the hatred and fear in their words.  And every one of them speaking knew what their intentions were when they got up to speak.  I believe we all want to have our say.  Something in us needs to speak out against injustice, unfairness, and sin. And the intentions we have in doing so often come from a place in our hearts that no one really knows is there until we speak.

We are so inundated with information coming at us from all directions, Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and Internet, that we could not possibly take it all in…so we pick and choose our medium, our subject and even how much of the details we want to take in. And then we have to process it and then we need to discuss it.  I think (and this is my opinion) that our need to discuss comes from wanting to be validated.  We want others to know what we think is important, what hurts us, what inspires us and most of all what moves us to action.

If we can bring it out in the open, so to speak, then we can somehow relieve the anxiety in our souls.  The unrest that lies within us.  We can feel better about having made the connection between the just or unjust, right or wrong and truth or lies. Bottom line is “we all fall short of the glory of God” and we, who believe in a righteous and Holy God will never be at peace on earth..we are sojourners passing through on our way to a place where none of this dialogue will matter in eternity!

Grace to you all



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12 thoughts on “Words, We All Have Them!

  1. Come\’n atcha live via cell phone! There is no peace for the wicked says God in His Word, but praise God! The Prince of Peace has given us His peace, and we have peace with God thru our Lord Jesus Christ! It is hard having to grapple with a world reeling from sin – and even devastating @ times. But I am so grateful for this expectation we have of total redemption, spirit, soul, & body, that serves as an anchor for the soul. Thanks Shell. Love you, Carol 🙂

  2. dear s shell  its agian  good to be here .. loved to follow your worrds.. well  it would be a pleasur when you say yes when I tagg you now … i did it  in my blog 26.08 .. we see us ..love  

  3.  Andrea tagged me today….I had to think on that a bit because it is hard to know where to start, but here your are!
    1) I love when God does something to surprise me and HE does it all the time, once I was feeling sort of anxious about something during a ride home from work one day…a song came into my mind that brought me some comfort and I wished I could hear it.  About 2 minutes later it came on the radio…I smiled to myself and said thank you Jesus!  We talk alot, all day long!
    2) I love to the feel of wet sand squishing between my toes, to feel the cool breeze on my face after a spring rain and absolutely love to sit on my porch watching the rain in a thunder storm.
    3) My favorite time during my week is Saturday morning: a fresh cup of coffee and making breakfast for my kids-hash browns, eggs, pancakes and bacon.
    4) I love making personal gifts for others and seeing the look on their face when they open it up!
    5) I am a romantic at heart, adventurous in my spirit and old person in my soul! 
    6) I firmly believe with Christ, that we can forgive, we can die to self and we can be whole – I am proof!
    7) I am a country girl raised in the city!
    8) I am most at home among with like-minded people who enjoy life, laughter and good conversation!

  4. You\’ve certainly made me stop and think. It is too easy to get tangled in that web and give Satan the victory. I know, I\’ve done it.  

  5. hi shell, wise words, as 1 read them it reminded me among other things to watch my tongue, sometimes it gets the better of me, also 1 am sometimes judgemental, or appear that way, without really meaning to – it is a journey, full of pitfalls and mountains and as a friend of mine would say, learning curves – praise god, we have jesus to hold our hand and the holy spirit to light our way – god bless – nita  

    Hi Shell-Bell…
    Sometimes (many times) I read your entries and it sounds like me writing.
    Yep…Same Holy Spirit.
    When we speak by his leading it will always be correct and appropriate.
    Thanks for sharing and a good Bloggerville neighbor.
    Have a really nice weekend with loved ones, Greg 

  7. Hello and I appreciate what you share with others.  I have always been passionate about my faith but I know mine is different in many ways from others…Jesus is the same.  In my own faith, it is always evolving, highs and lows.  When I am down, I still have Christ to save me.  Amen!  I don\’t share as eloquently as you but my prayers are always up there for many, including you!  Blessings!

  8. Very eloquent and insightful post my friend.  Sorry I haven\’t been by for visit sooner, but with some remodeling work in our den, I just covered the PC and concentrated on the men doing the work.  Watching and listening while they went about their tasks, it was obvious to me that they were just going through the motions and had no particular pride in the finished job.  I fear many Christians just go through the motions….attend church on Sunday, wiggle in their pew to stay awake, look at their watches, and scrabble for the exit like starving cattle to a feed bin.  I\’m sure you have noticed the same in all walks of life….rush, rush, and rush some more.  Many churches are turning to entertain centers instead of places of true praise and worship.  Best we can do is pray for them to hear His tender voice calling, and be a faithful as as opposed to hypocritical.  There is courage and wisdom in the words you post, and for this, I\’m proud the Master put us in a place where our paths might cross.  The best testimony we can give is not with words, but by our actions before others.  This is a concept few understand, but it\’s one you have mastered.  God\’s grace continue to be with you…peace, patience, forgiveness, and love is our guide.

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