Back to the Cross, on my knees!

“On my knees”  I love that song…it is so worshipful.  The words, the melody the heart bowed down before God.  These last few days I have struggled with making a choice.  A choice that does not come easy….yes it is about obedience…it always is.  There was never any doubt about which choice to make it was the heart-ache in making the choice.  Not my will but thine.  God has been so faithful to me.  He has protected me, provided for me and blessed me beyond words.  And yet I still find my heart wanting so much more than it is ready to receive. 
The choice has to do with purity.  Purity in my heart and mind.  For the last month that has been what God is dealing with me on.  He has shown me remarkable mercy and patience.  He has given me clarity.  I don’t have to question God on whether He is right or not, just question whether my discernment is right. 
Many do not understand why I make such a big deal out of this choosing.  They don’t understand being obedient to God or allowing Him to glorify Himself through my words and actions.  To them it is senseless (folly), I should just go out and find happiness, whatever that may be in their view.  This choice isn’t even about sacrifice…it is about obedience.  By being obedient I do not sacrifice anything, I just choose to obey, and in that choice is love…love for a God who loved me first.  Loved me so much He died for me.  On the Cross!  So here I am again back at the cross, on my knees. And I don’t want to be any other place!

Grace to you all today!


4 thoughts on “Back to the Cross, on my knees!

    Hi C-Shell by the C-Shore…
    Yes, God\’s Love, Patience, Mercy, and Grace always amazes me.
    I will receive your Texas rain with gladness.
    You all be well, Greg

  2. Obedience to a unseen God is exactly what most people use as an excuse to ask questions like: Why would God allow children to suffer…Why would a loving God allow wars….Why would God call the faithful before he calls the evil to earthly death etc?  Your light shines brightly my friend, and you witness mostly by example.  It takes only one hypocrite to turn hundreds away from Christ.  May the love of Christ continue to bless you in all walks of life, and may your example set forth the curiosity of the seekers, then when they ask you will have the Spirit provide you with the answer.  The friendship of one so young and full of faith has made another miracle apparent to me.  God\’s speed to you my sister in Christ.

  3. Shell, thanks for sharing from your heart. I have been (and continue to be more often than I would care to admit) where you are. Isn\’t it funny how once we decide to give God what we held on to so tightly, we realize it wasn\’t anything we really needed in the first place? His continuous love, and my lack of immediate yielding never cease to amaze me. At times I just stop and berate myself. Thankfully, God lets me do that, He just keeps loving me. God be rich in His presence that is in you.

    We are blessed to have such an abundance of the Word of God at our fingertips.  Hebrews 4:12 says the Word is a discerner.  Whatever we\’re discerning must stand the acid test of lining up perfectly with the Word of God in order to be true discernment.
    There is always a blessing in choosing obedience and purity.
    So have a beautiful day my most-blessed friend!!!
    Love you!!!
    Carol 🙂 

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