Remembering A Birthday

GrpaThis is my grandfather.  He served in the Army Air Corp.  During WWII he flew on bombing raids in Germany.  And also spent time in Folgia, Italy.  He told stories about those days and he has pictures of his buddies and the places he had been assigned.  I didn’t hear the stories until I was much older and in the Air Force myself.  I appreciated the place in history he held for his service. Several years ago I made him a scrapbook album with pictures of he and my grandmother when they first met.  They were very young when they married.  The pictures are very beautiful…a picture of them holding each other, sitting on a porch swing and one of them smiling at each other, several of my grandfather in his uniform.  I thought it was romantic.  It now reminds me of the song by Mark Shultz, "Walking Her Home".  They both passed away within several years of each other.  He would have been 87 on the 27th of June.  What makes remembering his birthday so special is that my sister, just gave birth to a baby boy…he was born on our grandfather’s birthday.  How cool is that?  

7 thoughts on “Remembering A Birthday

  1. My grandpa was in France in WWI… he loved it there, and I so enjoy looking through all the postcard books and things he brought home.  I love your old pictures… we were just looking thru some the other night, my sister and I, and it was so fun!

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  3. I am so very pleased that you found my humble space, and through Greg, I\’ve never failed to find good, decent, kind, and loving people.  I suspect in our lifetimes we have never needed the blessed hope of God and the promise of Jesus more than we do now.  Such a tragedy to be witness to God\’s loving creation crumbling all around us, but those of us who walk in the Spirit need each other\’s strength.  Love of/from each each other makes our plight seem pale to the agony our Savior suffered for us. It is indeed my privilege to call you not only a new friend, but an eternal sister.  Peace, comfort, happiness, joy, and most of all, respect for taking the time to reach out to me.

  4. So very happy and blessed that you chose to accept my hand in friendship.  Stopping by to wish you and wonderful and glorious day my new friend.  Stay in touch when you can.

  5. That is very cool!
    Your grandfather and my father are from the same generation.  Daddy would be 86 if he were alive…
    Love you!
    Carol 🙂

  6. Oops, I forgot to add that he served in WWII and Korea as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force (or come to think of it, I think I had shared that before…).

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