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When I was a little girl, my dad was a giant. He loomed over me.  And being a little girl I had not yet learned about how to tell how tall a person was. I just knew he was the tallest man I knew. Even as I grew up, I remember him always being taller. And now at my age (44) he still towers over me. In the case of my father, I don’t think it is the height of a man that determines his presence as much as it is his passion for passing on what he knows.

And it seemed to me that my dad knew about a lot of things. He was smart because he read books. He was always using big words. I had to look some of them up just find out what he was talking about. But because of that I do the same thing to my kids today. And I got really good grades in English. It actually became one of my favorite subjects. I love words, books and the use of them. He gave that to me.

He also gave me the ability to create something out of nothing. There was a time when I needed a box for something. “Well,” my dad says to me, “make one.” I just looked at him. So he showed me how to make a box. And because of that I always did really well on those diagram tests where they show you a diagram and then a picture of a geometric object that the diagram would be if it was folded up. How does that fit practically into my life? I have been able to look at a problem and see the outcome thereby finding a solution. Where there is a will, there is a way. That happens to be one of my greatest assets and has served me well in every endeavor I have taken on. 

 I guess the one area in my life that failed me by using that ability has been matter’s of the heart. And I think that I also got that from my father. As a man, he may not have always shown his emotion or been able to express his feelings adequately but I know that he feels deeply and has passion. His whole life he was never afraid to try something new.  Whether it was building something, taking a picture, repairing something broken or being adventurous, he taught me that you can do anything if you literally put your mind to it and even put a little heart into it because it is more satisfying if you do it with passion. And so that too makes me my father’s daughter. And I am proud to be his daughter.

MMP, Office Administrator

Daughter of LDL, Electrician, retired – General Electric (1942- Present)

In reading the book “Wisdom of our Fathers” by Tim Russert, I thought back over the years as to what kind of man my father was and the impact he made on my life.  In the front of the book there is a place to write a memory about dad and so I did.  I sent it to him for Father’s Day.  I found this book to be very endearing.  Tim Russert wrote the book in response to his first book “Me and Big Russ” about his father.  It seemed to have touched a cord in many peoples lives that read it.  Daughters and sons from all over the country sent letters to Tim Russert telling him about their dads.  After receiving so many letters he thought it only right that they be compiled into a second book.  It reminded me that our parents are not perfect but even in their imperfections the give us many gifts.  We can choose to focus on the mistakes they may have made or the effort they made to give us a better life then they had.  Being a parent now I can understand many things that I did not understand when I was growing up. Things my parents tried to tell me and I was too stubborn to listen.  Isn’t that the way?  Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!

5 thoughts on “About Dad

  1. Thanks for your imput on my puzzling questions; my biggest problem with the "girls" at work is they seem to think it\’s perfectly acceptable to give their completely unsolicitated opinions of my personal style choices & expect me to follow along with their idea of what I should look like. If you\’ve read me very long, you\’ll understand that I am not a follower- I\’m much too independent & don\’t take criticism too well 😛
    Ironically, my husband is my 1st love (see "Happily Ever After" entries for the background) & I don\’t remember dreaming about him when I was marrying to my first husband 🙂 An online friend pointed out that I was a Christian when we split (my choice) & I remarried within a year, so my unconscious mind is still trying to reconcile my beliefs & my choices.

  2. I\’ve heard about that book!  It sounded like really good stuff!
    I love the way you shared about your dad – especially with the photos!  Love that stuff!
    Love you too!
    Have an awesome week!
    Carol 🙂

  3. Thank you for telling us about your dad. I love uplifting testimonies.
    I saw an interview with Tim Russert about his book. The world really is a good place. We just hear too many bad stories over the good ones.
    You all be well down there in Texas, Greg

  4. I loved your old photos and your Dad\’s dedication was sweet.  I have not been on your site in a while.  You have so many great links and books.  I wish I had more time to visit but I always love to drop by!  Blessings!

  5. Hi there, I want to thank you for dropping by and your nice comments about my song.  You know when I hear that song the first time I was watching a program called Doc, with Billy Ray Cyrus, and Crystal Lewis was a special guest star and she sang that song.  When I hear it, I had goose bumps all over, I had to get it.  I thought this was such a wonderful song and the singer sings so great too.  This was a great blog about your dad, I wish you the best, God bless you,  Pauline

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