Hopes, Trials and Dreams All In One

Well I can honestly say my body has literally rebelled against me this week. I got a sore throat on Mon and by Wed I was down with a serious fever, chills, aches, coughs, sinus pain!  My boss sent me home Tue and told me to stay home till I was better. I went to the docs, got meds (which I hate – why are the pills getting bigger?) Today I went to work and it was a looooong day!   I had more body aches this week than I care to remember. 

I have had a bit of hopeful news this week. It has been a 3-year prayer request to my family and friends.  My church family has been consistantly praying for this and we have had no news until yesterday.  I have seen God answer many long term prayers so I know it will be in his time.  I am not sure which way He will answer it but I am trusting Him for what ever it will be.  I was just excited to finally get some news.  Please if you think about it raise my unspoken request up during your prayer time, thank you ahead of time.

I also had some dissappointing news this week.  It involved a family member. Just when I thought our relationship was healing I find out it was not.  And I can not be objective…so another prayer request goes out for this situation.   I can not go into detail but know my heart is burdened for them and their eternal well being.  I have held out hope for God  to do many things in their life and I have even seen His hand in an event or two.  But I have to tell you this is a hard case.  I know nothing is too big for God but I am afraid that I am getting in the way.  I did not intend to but through circumstances I have been put in a position that is not favorable to them and so my actions are seen as self-serving instead of equitable.  I really honestly thought I was doing the right thing.  I was trusting God to lead me and now my Christianity is being attacked and my motives.  I tried to defend myself but ultimately that was all thrown back to me in disdain.

I need to speak truth and I want to speak it in love. But how can one who does not know the Lord hear truth and understand it.  The scripture clearly states that a lost man can not.  This is the hardest thing to live with when you are witnessing to others.  You want so bad for them to hear you and understand you but you know that it is only by the Holy Spirit will come understanding and salvation. 

Romans 10:17
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

So looking back over the last week I can venture to say it was not pleasant but somehow there is the feeling that all is well with my soul.  How did I arrive here?  Oh My, I am not sure but it is good that I am not giving up or turning away.  I am reaching up and still hoping through the trials that my dreams will come true! Can I get an amen?

Grace to each one of you stopping by



Family Night @ The Movies!

Man, what a time I had with my kids last night.  We went to see Spider-man 3. I purchased tickets Wed online so we wouldn’t have to mess with that since I was going to be driving in from work picking up my brood and the eating on the fly…which we did not get to do because of traffic.  My youngest was so excited, counting the days. And asking repeatedly, was I sure I bought the tickets.  I sat between my 10 year old, my 12 year old, and my daughter and her boyfriend on the end, watching this action packed drama, just as amazed as they were, at the imagination of all the people who put that piece of entertainment together. 

What was really cool, was the theme of the movie.  Basically you could sum it up with, revenge  destroys!  My boys got it pretty clearly. That was our discussion over pancakes at IHOP. Late show. And this morning while I drank my Saturday morning cup of coffee, little Sammy went over all the cool details of his favorite parts. I smiled while listening to his perspective on the story line.  I had read reviews Thursday, bemoaning how many villains were in the film and so that was a part of my movie-viewing checklist.  I think 3 villains in a movie is probably a good number.  1 would have been boring, 2 might have done the trick but 3 kind of clinched the point of the theme.  I mean the boys got to see “Harry” change for the good by forgiving towards the end and see the selfish jerk “Eddie” completely be destroyed.  As for the “Sandman”, well you kind of felt sorry for him but both of my boys remarked on the lesson in that…we all make choices, good or bad and there are always consequences.  We were able to speak about forgiveness, love and laying your life down for another.  And even redemption, a God of second chances.  That is one of the reasons I wanted to share the video above to extend the discussion to you all.  I love this song by Brandon Heath and I think it is appropriate for the theme. It is straight and to the point. I hope you enjoy it and God may use it to minister to you.

Grace to you all


Word Up…


I have found a quote that I have decided to make my favorite. 

"It is the desire of my heart to love God. And there is no other place where I can learn to do this except in my ordinary, everyday life."

Elizabeth Elliot from "You Are Loved"


There are so many words out there, so many posted, published, spoken and even sung.  How on earth could we even begin to take it all in at once?  And God hears all of our prayers…consider the noise of all the voices being raised to God and He hears our prayers.  He knows, He sees and He hears!  I read the news in the paper, on the web and in the magazines. I read the blogs and the emails that are sent to me. I am reading a good book and doing a new Bible Study in His Word… 

And I read His Word.  His Word is alive, like no other word in any form.  I can not tell you the number of times His Word has spoken aloud to my spirit and moved me.  It has convicted me, comforted me and given me inspiration.  I love that God sent this form of communication to us.  It is the most personal, intimate form of relationship one can have with Him.  Yet most of us, if we were honest, would admit that we neglect it when our lives get busy.  We push it aside for something more time consuming.  This is how we fall out of love with God, if we were ever really in love with Him in the first place.  I have been enamored by Him at times in my walk, but I let other things and relationships get in between us.  And now in the day to day living I am finding myself slowly returning to my first love.  He draws me with love notes….His Word!


I visited a sister blogger today and she posed a question about flowers, the importance of giving and recieving them…it made me think of alot of things I could comment on but one I didn’t mention to her is that I see flowers as God’s way of wooing us.  On a day when everything is hard, when the loneliness is overbearing and the noise of the world bears down, the sight of flowers make me smile because I know who made them.  And He gave me the eyes to see them and I have to rejoice, because deep down I believe He sent them to me…my beloved!  His Word is like flowers, colorful, fragrant and abundant for the picking.  



"God make me to seek you in your Word! Make me thirsty for the living water flowing from it’s pages."

May this be your prayer, too!

Grace to you,