A few things, family….

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation!"
Psalm 68:19

I got to witness God’s hand moving in my daughter’s life yesterday.  She is growing into a young woman and it seems her life is on fast forward with school, work and her personal life.  She wants her life to be better, she wants to healthy and whole.  But up until yesterday her idea of dealing with issues of life was bandaids.  As a mother, I want to rescue her, give her the answers and direct her decisions but as a woman, I know that I must let God be God in her life and draw her to himself.  She reached out to Him by allowing me to give her something of my experience and sharing His word with her.  She took a step toward taking responsibility for her relationship with Him.  And now my heart soars with praise for my faithful Father. 

I spoke with Ben, my oldest son, yesterday…he says my grandbaby (it is more fun to say my grandbaby than "his son" ) he  says, "Mama, he is so fussy and slobering everywhere"  I said, "Sounds like teething"  He said, "No wonder he is chewing on his pacifier." That conversation made me smile, so goes the cycle of our life. I remember telling my mom when my babies were little, of the little passages of their development. Little things like growing a first tooth becomes a milestone.  And blessed be to God, who orchestrates those wonderful moments that we often take for granted.  I am glad I got to share that with my son! 
My boys are something else, well let me just say they give me purpose beyond myself and definitely keep me from being selfish with my time.  They literally can exhaust me one moment and knock me over with laughter the next.  Esteban who is my serious one, as you can tell from the picture(he hates getting his picture taken), is sometimes hard to know what is going on inside his head.  But he is very insightful at times which gives me a different perspective to our life as a family.  Sammy has a tender heart toward the Lord and prayer.  He is the one that tugs my hand to go to the alter most times.  He prays  for all his family…the sweetest words.  He is also the witty one…just last week I was able to purchase a Toyota Sienna for cash.  I had been wanting one for 10 years.  The night I brought it home we were all sitting in it, admiring it and I said that God had finally, after 10 years, answered my prayer of getting a van.  Sam piped up, so nonchalantly "No mama, that is not true, I prayed 2 days ago in Sunday school for you to get a van"  I said, "you did not".  He said, "yes I did, you can ask my Sunday school teacher"

What was I thinking?  I should have asked Sam to ask God!   
Grace to you all

2 thoughts on “A few things, family….

  1. We are blessed with family.
    Sometimes my children make me rub my head.
    Most of the time they make me laugh and smile.
    Be safe and well down there in Texas, Greg

  2. Out of the mouth of babes You have ordained strength!!!  Hey, don\’t hafta tell me twice who to go to when I need a fast answer to prayer!  Mind if I borrow your son\’s faith from time-to-time, lol?
    I like that…acceptance comes in a bottle…I\’ve actually been highlighting my hair for years.  If you see it kicking up a few notches over the next few years you\’ll know why, lol.
    Congratulations on your Sienna!!!

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