What a time!

The cutest little thing on God’s green earth!  That is my opinion, yes I know, but it just happens to be true!  I have spent 4 days with him and he is just precious.  He reminds me of his daddy because of the facial expressions he makes when he is sleeping. We even found pictures in Ben’s album that could be mistaken for Brodie…he is my son’s son!  I will probably have to wait till I get back to really tell you how I feel about being a grandmother.  So far it has been surreal.  There have been a few times where it has sunk in that my son is a father.  Then there are other times it doesn’t seem real. I wonder if my parents thought that?  I wondered if they questioned my ability as a parent or questioned their ability to train me to be a parent.  I think that is the one question that stays with me most…did I do a good enough job? Did I pass on the most important things he will need to raise his son?  It is hard to tell what kind of parent he will be since Brodie is just an infant…things change as they get older.  Children test your patience, they prove your character and bring out the good and bad of our personalities.  God knows what we have in us…I believe He fills in the gaps as long as we follow Him and do our best to honor him in raising them. 
"Raise up a child in the way he shall go and when he is old he shall not depart from it."
Well it has been a very restful trip and very exciting to be with this heaven sent baby! Praise Him for His wonderful works!
Grace to You

3 thoughts on “What a time!

  1. Good to read the trip went well.
    Yes, you are blessed with another little one.
    I beginning to realize that we never stop parenting.
    Have an awesome peace-filled weekend, Greg

  2. Well, the fun begins for you.  You get to be the good guy all the time!  That\’s a grandparent\’s job, ya know!

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    Have a great day!!

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