Rushing Waves of Love!

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:8

Sometimes my thoughts and memories are like waves…they keep on a coming!  And can’t stop them!  Sometimes I let them run away but have to reel them back in when they get too far.  Especially when I start becoming grieved, fearful or panicked.  I am mainly talking about being a mother.  I recently ran across a story about a man taking his mother out to dinner after years of not spending much time with her. She died a few weeks later of a massive heart attack.  He was so thankful that he had taken time to spend with his mom.  I had read the story many years ago but that was when my children were young and they had not gone out on their own yet.  It was a nice story and I passed it on to a few friends I knew who were mothers.  It was during a time when I still had my grandparents and sister.  I read the story again today and several things about the story were very poignant.  "Don’t wait to tell those you love "I love you" and appreciate every moment you have with them…I won’t put the whole story here but I do want to share the part that followed….

Somebody said it takes about six weeks to get back
to normal after you’ve had a baby…. Somebody
doesn’t know that once you’re a mother, "normal" is

Somebody said you learn how to be a mother by
instinct… Somebody never took a three-year-old

Somebody said being a mother is boring ….
Somebody never rode in a car driven by a teenager
with a driver’s permit.

Somebody said if you’re a
"good" mother, your child will "turn out
good"….somebody thinks a child comes with
directions and a guarantee.

Somebody said "good" mothers never raise their
voices … Somebody never came out the back door
 just in time to see her child hit a golf ball
through the neighbor’s kitchen window.

Somebody said you don’t need an education to be a
mother…. Somebody never helped a fourth grader
with his math.

Somebody said you can’t love the second child as
much as you love the first …. Somebody doesn’t
have two children.

Somebody said a mother can find all the answers to
her child-rearing questions in the books….
Somebody never had a child stuff beans up his nose
or in his ears.

Somebody said the hardest part of being a mother
Is labor and delivery….somebody never watched her
 "baby" get on the bus for the first day of
Kindergarten …. or on a plane headed for military
"boot camp."

Somebody said a mother can do her job with her
eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back
 ..somebody never organized seven giggling Brownies
to sell cookies.

Somebody said a mother can stop worrying after her
Child gets married….somebody doesn’t know that
Marriage adds a new son or daughter-in-law to a
mother’s heartstrings.

Somebody said a mother’s job is done when her last
Child leaves home…somebody never had

Somebody said your mother knows you love her, so
You don’t need to tell her…. somebody isn’t a


"Thank you God for making me a mother….I cherish every moment, good and bad!"  

2 thoughts on “Rushing Waves of Love!

  1. 🙂  🙂
    Good stuff.
    I was just thinking about that love and what it covers today.
    Love ya!
    Carol 🙂

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