Changing Colors Again!

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." Proverbs 31:10
If you have been to my site before you are probably saying, "A different color, again?" and thinking what is up with this chick? Well there are many reasons for changing one’s environment.  Let me just give you a few. You can get this list from Proverbs 31…
  1. to keep a new perspective
  2. to stay hip and fresh
  3. to be creative
  4. to get out of the box
  5. to give the world around me some color
How are those? So I chose hearts…for February. Hearts remind of love and love reminds me of God because God is love!
Besides this is the month of "loooooove" as one of my favorite Christian radio DJ so comically said the other morning on my way to work.  The month of love…Valetines Day!  I also think of a Nat King Cole song called  
L-O-V-E. It is very cool!
But of all the days on the calender this one in particular does not hold very good memories for me.  I can handle not getting a valentine, flowers and candy and all that because realisticly there are probably more people in the world that don’t get those things than people who actually do, so I am most likely in the majority and that is ok… 

The reason for the not so romantic memories is two things that changed my life and my childrens lives forever both happened on or around this day.  Both had to do with ex-husbands and I will spare you the details.  I choose not to be bitter about it and certainly don’t wish to take the joy and romance out of it for everyone else. This is just a hard month for me because it takes extra effort to keep my thoughts from turning into a pity party.  So I have been asking God to help me change the memories… you think He can? He is God! The God of love!  The God of the month of love! The God of Valentines! God is love!

So I am changing the color on my site, yet again, to remind me that with God things are always changing.  How I choose to use the change or represent the change in my life will determine the kind of woman I am. Proverbs 31 or otherwise!

Happy Happy Valentines day to you, God bless you!


One thought on “Changing Colors Again!

  1. Not only do I think the Lord can change bitter memories to sweet ones, I KNOW He can!  And I am a recipient of such a blessing!  The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever!
    Every day is a day to walk in the comfort and joy of God\’s unfailing love!
    Carol L. 🙂

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