Different Directions But Full of Joy!

It has been a while since I have been here. I visited one or two other spaces yesterday and it was a blessing to read others thoughts. Especially since I have not been able to focus on one single thought…So many things pulling me in different directions.  Kids and their futures, namely their education; my daily walk with the Lord, my lack of focus in my devotions and prayer; the weight loss program I started 3 weeks ago and all the prep work and planning that goes into it (which has been worth it, I have lost 11 lbs to date); Finally the myriad of things I want to do if I only had the time…The daily devotional calendar that sits on my desk at work has been gently giving me reminders to "rest in God", "wait on God" and now today "submission to God".  Those are simple enough messages! Thank God for simple!!
Things coming up to pray and praise God about:
  1. a first granbaby ( I have decided to be called Grammy)
  2. my 16 year old going to driving school (fear-pray)
  3. a new teenage boy in the family by birthday (one more to go)
  4. a new pet – I have caved in and decided to get a hamster for my youngest son – a fish would not do, you can not cuddle and pet them.  I have purchased the "how to care for your hamster" book and he has to read it cover to cover and answer any question I ask.   

"And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. "

1 John 1:4

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