A Christmas Reason!

Luke 2:11
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
My oldest son was in a car accident Wednesday evening.  He was in North Carolina and I in Texas.  We were both driving at the same time…I had just come from church and I suddenly wanted to talk with him…but did not want to call while I was driving. So I thought I would wait till I got home.  I got to a stop light and I could not wait any longer…the moment his phone rang he was climbing out of the vehicle that had just been totaled.  I left a message on his voicemail, not knowing what what had happened, for him to call me back in 15 minutes (when I would be at home) When he called I could tell he was shaken up…then he proceeded to give me the details. If he had hit a half a minute early he would have been underneath a truck, crushed to death…many who saw the accident were in awe as to how the car did not flip over…my son said that God must have punched the car back down.  When I saw the picture of the car…there is a huge round dent in the hood of the car…where a very large fist would fit.  He said to me "Mama, it was God, I heard Him say pick up the book son!"  I asked if he had not been reading his bible lately and he said no he just let his schedule of school, homework, work and church get ahead.  He knew immediately who to thank for his life, for the protection and intervening mercy and grace of God. 
After thinking on these events the last couple of days I have decided that the phrase "God is so good!" does not do Him justice.  In preparing for the Christmas season, I find myself desperate to have Him close.  I am not sure if I can completely make this point without digressing so I will try.  The desperation comes out of knowing that life turns on a dime and at any one moment our lives can be changed in that turn.  I find myself praying fervantly for protection over my children, other family members, even over myself, even before the accident!  The desire to be close isn’t so much out of fear of the unknown but knowing that unknown can and will touch our lives.  That losses or tragic events do not sink in until much later when you have had time to process the moments leading up to them.  For instance questioning whether or not we should have done this or not done that.  I truly beleive it isn’t the event itself that breaks us it will be our lack of fatih or trust in God.  I don’t want to be caught in a moment not having faith or trust.  Life is going by so fast and it is hard to stop and take account of all that really goes on around us.  All the near misses, all the hurts and injustices of the world. I guess that is why I am feeling the desperation to have Him close.   And these days leading up to Christmas I am seeing what the Christ child represents in my walk with Him.  It is that when the child was born so was hope, the hope of seeing His hands in every single moment of protection, provision and act of love that crosses our path.  
This Christmas will be very different for myself and my family for many different reasons but for sure the "one reason for the season" has more clarity than ever before…He is Christ, our King, our Savior! 
After finishing my blog I went visiting some of the other spaces I like to check in on time to time, I went to "GREG’S BLOG QUEST"  (his link is at the top of list "Things In Common" to the left)  and he had an entry from 12/14/06 that seem to add to what I wrote about today…I felt like referencing it because it is just another example of how God weaves our lives together down here on earth.  We add to each other’s journey by sharing what God reveals to us in our walk with Him.   

The Little Things That Make Your Life Nice!

Can you believe it?  I am excited about going home to Missouri to be with family.  While it will be bitter/sweet because of the passing of my sister in September and then my grandmother in October, it will be good that we are all together.  I have been noticing the little things again.  The little things that make your life nice.  A year ago I would have used the word "bearable" but today "nice".  I received a photo of my sister when she was pregnant with her son.  It is the only one we have of her carrying Austin.  She was in Missouri, in not so nice place in her life, and I was in Hawaii, also pregnant, having been newly married for about a year.  I remember the day my mother called me and and said "Hello, Aunt Shelly"  I didn’t get it for a few minutes that she had given birth.  Then just three days later I gave birth. We both had sons.  Her son saved her life.  Because of him she was able to escape a terrible way of life.  And then that same year she received Christ as her Savior.  Two babies saving her life. One on earth and one in Heaven.  You want to know something.  I didn’t even realize that until I saw the picture of her yesterday.  God loved her so much he gave her two gifts.  That really makes me sit back and wonder how many gifts He has given me in my life time to show me His love.  Even this knowledge is a gift from Him.  Merry Christmas to you and remember what He has done for you!


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,

thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jeremiah 29:11