Between Heaven and Earth!

Grandmother! Grandma! Grammy! Grams! Gma! what is he going to call me?  Oh, my!  I haven’t even finished raising my other children and I am going to be moving into a new phase with the birth of my first grandchild. 
My son called to tell me, "It’s a boy and we got pictures".  He told me his heart was pounding as he was looking at the little form inside his wife’s womb.  "It’s real, mama, she is not just getting fat."  I can hardly believe his slender wife is fat…men can exagerate so much! You can see the photo album "Grandbaby" and see it’s little feet, head, arm and face.  What a miracle!
I have been thinking of my sister everyday.  Everyday I still can’t believe she is no longer here on earth…I see her email address pop up everytime I go to address an email and it reminds me that she isn’t here…she is in heaven, a new place. This little grandbaby is in a new place too. We haven’t met him face to face yet but we will very soon, by God’s grace.  And we will meet my sister face to face very soon just as much by God’s grace!