Seeking and Finding Him!

It is amazing how God orchestrates every little detail.  Like a message from your pastor, the music sang by a soloist, a word spoken on the radio, a lesson being given to a child.  Everything in sync connected to each other in perfect harmony. 
It boggles my mind sometimes how God brings things back around to show you "the point".  Especially after many months of wondering why God allowed certain things to happen. Going through this recent Bible Study has taken alot of work. Personal work.  The questions are sometimes hard, because they hit right at the heart.  I have had to relive some sins in my life in order to properly assess where my heart lies.  I have also had the opportunity to relive the victories.  Praise God!  And I can see the harmony of both.  The falling, the getting up, the moving forward…over and over again in different areas of my life. Before it discouraged me, always feeling like a failure and no hope of ever changing.  But I have changed and I do see the sounds of music He is weaving in my life. Even when I got off of the narrow path and got lost a time or two.  
I am not a failure, I am an overcomer! I am not hopeless, I can be hopeful in Him!  I realized that I have all these Christian years been seeking Him and finding Him! 
It is amazing how God orchestrates every little detail.
Grace to you,

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