It’s Not Just the Mountain-Moving Moment!

Doing a bible study about revival causes your mind to do one of two things, it either goes into denial & fear or it inspires your heart and mind to the possibilities of a mountain-moving event.  For me it has been the latter.  I am not only  hoping for it, I am expecting it.  God has moved like that in my life before and it was awesome. I think the most exciting thing is that our whole church will witness it. 
After I got off work yesterday I had to go have my tire repaired.  I knew it probably would have to be replaced, I was right.  While in the waiting room, I kept thinking about the processes of the Christian walk.  The process of becoming more like Christ through putting off and putting on.  The process of revival when our heart grows cold. The process of getting victory over some kind of bondage. The process of restoration after falling into sin.  We all go through these processes to one degree or another.  You ever heard the saying "the joy is not in the destination but in the journey"? I think it is the same with the processes of the Christian walk. It is not so much about the mountain-moving event but the preparation for it and eternal effects of it on us, our children and our children’s children. 
Take for example the woman caught in adultery, she was brought before Jesus, perhaps thrown on the ground at his feet.  Can you imagine what was going through her mind while she lay there in the dirt and baking from the sun? Questions and fear. Fear of the men, of the judgement to come and fear of death. Perhaps she was ready to die because her life had been so hard and she was tired of struggling to survive.  She probably thought there was nothing left for her to do, she was finished and her life was meaningless anyway…
Jesus knew that she would be the woman they caught. He knew the man that she would be caught with.  He knew she was ready to be born again.  But consider the mountain-moving event in her life was not just that Jesus stood up for her at that moment. That he protected her and showed compassion on her, it was the fact that he stood up for her every day after.  That was the eternal impact on her, on those around her, even those men who threw her to the ground. 
It had enough impact to warrant the inclusion of the event in God’s Holy Word.  Do not underestimate the events leading to a life changing moment nor the impression it will leave on those who watch us walk in Christ.
Grace to you

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