A Child’s Heart!

It was a weekend that our family will remember. My children and I went to say goodbye to dear friend who was killed in an automobile accident last week. There must have been at least 500 in attendance at her funeral. What an honor to her and her family. During the service they showed a video of her singing not two weeks before at our church.  The song was “I Get On My Knees”. She had sang it many times before and as always it was not only beautiful but heartfelt.  When she sang the song you knew she wasn’t just singing words.  My boys were very hesitant about going to the viewing the night before and the funeral service.  They did not want to be around all the sadness. I think there was fear there too. 
We had been talking about it since we heard the news. Sammy had lots of questions and thoughts about the subject of death.  I answered the questions as best I could and then I prayed that he and the rest of us would understand a little more about the preciousness of our lives and the celebration of heaven during the service. We all learned that every smile is not a waste, every act of kindness is an eternal act and that faithful people give us strength.  Hearing how she lived inspired me as a mother and woman to be more Godly in the way I deal with others, especially my children.
When we left the graveside, the boys seem to be more at peace about it.  Sammy took roses to Becky’s mom and her sister and I helped him lay one on the casket.  It was his idea to give them roses.  He wanted to give them something beautiful.  In watching him I received something beautiful in return….the site of a child’s heart. 
Sunday morning during the invitation, as usual, Sammy put his little hand in mine and we walked to the alter.  He bowed his head and began praying, the first words out of his mouth were “Lord be with the Riggs today, they’re our friends, help them not be sad because their Becky is in heaven…” He went on to pray for each of us in our family to love each other and treat each other with respect.  He is only 9! 
I can not begin to put into words the emotion that went through my heart at that moment.  My prayer was answered by his prayer…he learned how precious we are to each other and how comforting it is to know that our dear friend is indeed in heaven!  I believe the greatest thing he learned is that he can, without a doubt, speak to God on the behalf of others and believe when he is done that God will hear and answer!  The one verse that comes to mind is the one I sang to Sammy the day after he was born, when he and I were alone in the hospital room.
“Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.” Psalm 103:1

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