A Life Touched!

Our lives are intertwined by the events, actions and the keepsakes we own. We tell our stories about them hoping to connect. We tell the things that changed our lives hoping to make sense of them.  We go through our days wondering if we made a difference for good or regretting the mistakes that affected anothers life. We go through motions, seeking purpose in them.  
The gifts we give or the gifts we receive  become keepsakes of a memory.  A memory of a person or place we visited. Never even realizing the thing that moves through our hands has been touched by countless lives. Like a single rose bought at a flower market.  It was planted and grown by sowers. Tended and cared for by a gardner, then cut.  Another packages the rose along with other beautiful roses to be sent to carrier.  A deliverer sets the roses down onto the market floor.  The seller separates them into small buckets with water and places them in a walk in cooler.  A young man may come in and ask for a bouquet to give to his love or a young woman may come in to purchase that single rose for a friend who needs cheering up.  That rose has given its life as a keepsake to another for…beauty, fragrance and love.
So it is with a life…it is intertwined with others without our permission.  Connected to others on purpose by God who ordains all connections.  Changing the lives around them for good or bad depending on the reason for the touch…God’s reason.  And in the day that their life ends on earth it begins in Heaven and those left behind are left with a keepsake.  A keepsake of beauty, fragrance and love.  And that is God’s purpose for our lives…to be an image of himself, full of beauty, fragrance and His love!
Rebecca Rigg was such a life!  Thank you Becky for touching my life and Thank you God for allowing her to touch my life!
Grace to You!
"For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren."
Romans 8:29

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