Holy Spirit sweeps through

It happened at church…I sensed the Holy Spirit sweep across the room like a gentle breeze!  A sweet old lady in our church who has been grieving the loss of her husband for several years was smiling and singing…she was clapping her hands.  She danced up the aisle to hug and kiss the song leader…She was acutally glowing with love for the Lord.  I couldn’t stop the smile that spread across my face.  I hadn’t been able to move past my pain and just listen to the music. To worship Him without remembering the disappointments.  But it happened. I made the choice to heal, to let God have His way in all of it.  I stepped out, I greeted others, hugged them and was genuinely free to express my joy at being in my church.  The music flowed and it seemed to me that everyone was smiling and singing…What a day of rejoicing! And we haven’t even got to Heaven yet!
It’s all about Him
Grace to you,

One thought on “Holy Spirit sweeps through

  1. Hi – thanks for the wonderful post on my site — it was a definite encouragement to me — God\’s timing was perfect. 
    Also glad to see your post above — that you allowed God to set you free inside.
    Blessings —

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