Healing for the Mind and Soul?

Healing for the Mind and Soul? What a concept!  I have been told over the last two years that it just takes time…in part it does take time, but I believe it takes more than that. It takes trust in God & action on our part. (like the crippled man laying by the pool) Trust can be hard if we have been hurt, betrayed or disappointed and action can be very hard if we are stuck with that pain which seems to go on and on!  I know those two things very well.

A true friend gave me the book "Healing Is A Choice" by Stephen Arterburn, he gives 10 Choices and 10 lies we tell ourselves to stay in a state of pain and sadness.  God has been preparing my heart to hear these truths and I am ready.  I want to get on with my life…I want to show my children what living is!  Living to glorify God! 

Just like they say in Texas "get ur done!"

Grace to you

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