Amazing Grace flows down…

What a beautiful song by Christy Nockels of Watermark "Grace Flows Down".  When I hear it, my heart soars.  God’s grace has definitely flowed down on my life and my families. If you knew the details of the last two years, on the outside looking in you might not think so but if you know God you would definitely know so.  He has delivered in the brink of moments, He has provided at my last minute, He has touched hearts invested in our family despite painful disappointments.  What a God we have.  I spent several moments last night in my "closet" crying out to Him, reading His Word as I cried, "Please, God help me help my children, they need supervision when I am at work, they need discipline when they do wrong, they need to see you in me, they need time I don’t seem to have, they need a father. You said you would be the father to the fatherless, please show them The Father"  Every verse said "I am the Lord, your God…after that each verse said what He will do.  I need to trust and believe…and when I do there is grace in that too.  Aw God, you are my God!

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